Research Template thumbnail_0How to Find Free Fundraiser Collateral

There is a common misconception that launching a fundraising campaign is an expensive project. If you are adept at networking and researching, then there are countless ways of finding free fundraiser collateral that can help support your fundraising ideas. Great collateral for your fundraiser equals capital: The more effective it is, the more money you will raise, so it’s important not to skip this step when launching a fundraising campaign. Here are some great ways to find free fundraiser collateral:

Look online. There are a number of free software programs online that will help you create the collateral you need for your fundraiser. Free programs will obviously save you valuable money on your marketing budget, plus it gives you an opportunity to try out a program before committing to it in the future.

Ask your volunteers. You might have a member who is great at graphic design or has a knack for Public Relations. Using “free labor” if you can get it can be a great way to find free fundraising collateral. Maybe someone you know has some primo graphic design software program that you can use to create a pamphlet to create your advertising materials. Networking is a key to finding free goods and services to use for your fundraiser.

Find support from a local marketing company. Many local businesses would welcome the chance to get involved with a local charitable organization. It offers them free advertisement and a chance to give back to the community. Start reaching out to local marketing firms to see if they’d be willing to donate their time to creating the marketing materials for your fundraiser.

Share donations with your marketing budget. It’s easy to throw all of your money directly at the daily operations of your charity, but marketing is as important to the survival of your charity as anything else that you will do. If you’re pinched for collateral money, use some of your operational funds to help create the marketing materials that will help boost your fundraising efforts.