Fundraising is a great way to bring the community together, for big corporate events, college, nonprofits and other group events. There are tons of clubs and organizations that need money. Churches, cancer centers, and sports teams ofter fundraise for what they want. Check out some of these fundraiser ideas to really inspire you!

What Can You Do?

Faced with financial constraints, a school administration has no choice but to axe all the non-essential items from its budget with the main casualties being extracurricular activities like sports, music, drama, cheerleading, and bands. Parents are then forced to decide whether they will let their children miss out on the activities that the school cannot afford to support or whether they will shore up various easy fundraising ideas to raise the money required for these activities.

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More often than not, parents are willing to chip in and raise the extra funds. By devising simple fundraising initiatives that encourage the participation of parents and other well wishers, schools can raise enough money to supplement what they are allocated. So what are some cool and creative ways that parents, teachers, students, and willing individuals can help?

Let’s Set the Scene

Even though the government spends a lot of taxpayers’ money on education, schools rarely receive all the funds they make requests for. Schools must, therefore, look for alternative sources of funds to plug the deficits in their budgets.

Fund raising activities at school have gained a renewed interest among teachers, students and parents in the majority of the schools across the country. Fund raising activities are no longer limited to selling chocolate bars and discount coupons. There are many other exciting school fundraiser ideas which can facilitate in increasing funds within a short span of time.


Organizing an exhibition at school is an excellent idea to raise funds. Schools can raise a large amount of money by exhibiting artwork by students, fiction, and non-fiction books for children, cookbooks and much more. Calendars, diaries and other books can be sold in school exhibitions to raise funds.

This is also a great way to build confidence in elementary kids at school when they’ve got their art work on display for people to buy. If you don’t wish to sell anything other than art, try having a small coffee bar that bidders/buyers can sip on as they walk around looking at all that you’ve got to offer.

Garage sale

Another excellent fundraising idea is a garage sale. Schools have ample space to set up an area for a sale. Most people sell or give away items which can be sold in these garages. It is one of the quickest ways to raise funds for the school. Moreover, there is no overhead cost involved in setting up a garage in school premises.


This is a great DIY event that is cheap and easy. Have parents sign up in the office! If they don’t wish to participate in the actual sale part, have a donation basket in the middle that they can just throw a couple of dollars toward the cause. This is another fast way to make some cash!

School events

Schools can also organize various types of events such as carnivals, bungee jumping, and various other types of shows with an entry fee. New Year and Christmas time are some of the excellent seasons in a year to raise funds by selling Christmas presents, cards, trees, candies, cookies and many other gifts.

A carnival is a large event that can help to raise money within a short span of time. Although this isn’t a free event, you will have to pay for it. If you make it a mission, you can scout out all the goals you need to meet and make it happen. 

Fun activities

Schools can also organize various types of fun activities such as quiz programs for children and parents. Organizing various types of races such as snail race and sack race can also assist in raising a considerable amount of funds for schools. Some schools organize knitting party and fashion shows to raise funds. 

Fraternity and sorority members may utilize similar ideas, they are great for all walks of life!

Customized chocolate bars

Sponsoring chocolate bars is another idea to raise funds. It often provides a good profit with customized wrappers and logos. This is great around Halloween time, perfect for those individuals that don’t go trick or treating, but still have a sweet tooth for candy! 

Selling food items

Another fundraising idea is to sell ice creams, popcorn, and fresh juice at specific events as a part of the fund raising strategy. While you will need permission to sell your items, you can set up a Relay for Life or at your local sports team event lodging. 

For example, you can bake cookies and sell them at the local soccer game– You know that one mom that was supposed to bring snacks, forgot and will more than likely buy a ton from you just for the team! Or you can sell unique, one of a kind shirts to at the basketball game for those moms that are hard core and want to represent their kids!

Selling flowers

One of the best ideas to raise funds for any event is to sell flowers. Flowers are the best gifts during Mother’s day, Christmas, New Year, Friendship Day and all other occasions. However, it requires proper organization as the flowers should reach the destination before it is wilted.

A great time to sell flowers in a school? At the school dance, of course! For example, there may be that certain boy that wants to romance his girl at the spring fling–Now he can with the flower sale going on!


One of the most exciting and interesting school fundraiser ideas is to involve people to play golf. Sponsor each golf hole with the name of the business or company attached to a flag. The company or the business enterprise can promote its sales with the advertisement, and the school can procure the required funds that are needed. 

This form of fundraising is great for those that may or may not feel the need to be involved. You do the work in the beginning to get the sponsors and then it’s pretty much hands off! You can also do this with advertisements at a softball field.

What You Shouldn’t Fundraise For

While there are some people that think fundraising is a great way to make money, which it is, but there are certain things that shouldn’t be involved in fundraising when it come to the actual need. For example, you should fundraise for things like a trip to Hawaii with friends. While you can do this, it is unethical. Make it more worth it and make it a missions trip to help those in need. Your girls trip isn’t a top priority for many and some would see it as a waste and not even put the money in.

Pricy but High Profitability

Church groups, cub scouts, breast cancer groups, and other nonprofit organizations utilize this method of fundraisers to collect money. While it is a more expensive method, you can order a t-shirt online for your group to spread awareness of your cause. This is an adoption of advertising. While one individual may have to put more money up front, this is great for teens to make a quick buck and the shirt can be über personal to your club or cause.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, apart from these ingenious ideas, schools can also avail the assistance of old students for the purpose of raising funds through exciting events such as car washes, laptop repairs, and other charity events. If you’re beginning to start a fund raising activity, it is essential to determine the sole objective of the event. It is important to recruit volunteers for the event– Like the student body, the PTO, and the PTA.

Make sure you appreciate their efforts with thank you notes and gift vouchers. It is also pertinent to ensure that the fund raising activity is legal. Events with academic connections are also considered to be quite profitable. Summer is over and school is back in!