It goes without saying that there can be a whole lot that rides on the name of your non-profit organization or any event that you are going to be planning. Because of this, you need to put some time and effort into whatever event name ideas that you want to call your programs and projects. You may be hoping to have a name that is going to be chiseled into the minds of your attendants. Then, you should take the charity into consideration with the manner in which you are looking to raise funds.

There are some larger charities or groups that may pay people a decent amount of money to research event names. They can even look for expensive consultants that may not have a clear picture of your mission or audience. But you can put together a group of your own to brainstorm ideas. There is no reason why you cannot come with a smart name for your fundraiser, charity event, or non-profit gathering. It only needs to be instantly recognized and memorable for many years to come. Here you will find some insight on picking a name for your event. You can also read some examples and the types of gatherings that they best suit for.

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Event Name Planning: Details And Overview

When you get started on event name ideas for your charity or non-profit, you need to think about the overall mission. If you currently lack a memorable, short mission to work from, you should write one. After you have a good mission that is clear and speaks to your goals, you will then have a clearer picture of what you can pick out for a quality name. These are some great questions to answer that should be helpful:

  • What is it that you do? Think about different action words that pertain to your group. These can be prevent, cure, heal, love, feed, rescue and give.
  • Who will you help? You can use short words can to describe anyone that you serve. Some examples are poor, hungry, deprived, families, needy, or homeless.

Use words that are solid and not abstract in any way, and always brainstorm concepts. Are there problems that are going to resonate with many people? Love is something that you can view as abstract. But when you use love thy neighbor, this is concrete thought. Great examples here are the popular awareness and fundraising efforts like Stand Up To CancerSpecial Olympics, or Save The Whales.

5 Memorable and Inspirational Event Name Ideas

1. Food, Wine & Wishes

This is a perfect event name idea that will be bringing people together to raise money for a specific charity. Meanwhile, they are also enjoying incredible food and wine.

  • You may have wine pairings and tastings at the event.
  • There could be a wine auction.
  • You might even want to see if you can have a celebrity chef onsite to show attendants a few tips and tricks.

The name is bright, festive and will bring plenty of people in. This way, you can hopefully reach your goal for your charity event. Also, you are generating a decent amount of awareness for the cause that you are so passionate about.

2. Black Tie & Tails

Are you going to be hosting an event that will be going toward your favorite animal charity? Bringing together event name ideas that mesh a lavish event and something animal related is a fun way to draw people while also giving them a name that they will not soon forget.

  • A black tie fundraising event where a portion of the proceeds will be going to a local animal shelter or sanctuary is going to benefit a great deal from a savvy name choice.
  • You may even want to see if you can put together a pet red carpet. That will be the place where people involved in the charity can show up with their four-legged family members.
  • They can also have their picture taken for a donation to your cause.

3. Justice for All Ball

Do you work for a law firm, or are you a member of a society of correctional officers? Any planned law enforcement event for families of fallen police officers, or a similar group, will be perfectly suited to the word justice. Imagine that everyone loves a good ball for celebrating. This is a strong name that will not only tell people who the event is for but also what will be taking place.

  • During your event, you could have raffles or auctions set up for various services in the area. These will benefit the charity you are working with.
  • Depending on the size of the event, you could set up a step and repeat. There, the guests can come in and have their picture taken before heading inside.

4. Building a Superior Hospital (BASH)

Hospital charities are always well received by members of the community. You need event name ideas such as this that will speak of a celebration. In the meantime, it is also reminding everyone that the focus is on bringing about funds to build a better hospital environment for the surrounding area.

  • Such an event could include a charity auction and dance.
  • You can even host a fancy dinner party that includes the raffling off of items and much more.
  • Not only is the name going to be memorable, but it will also be just right for using over the years to come as you work on fundraising for the local hospital on an annual basis.
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Tip: Make sure that all elements of your charity event are both cost efficient, and follow the line of the event concept. This way, it will all be a story!

5. Helping Lives Bloom

Event name ideas like this for a charity or non-profit could have a wide range of meaning to it. Maybe you are someone who is working with young children in your local area where you want to be able to put together some quality after-school programs. You may also find that you have families in your community that could benefit from child and family services.

  • You can use this event name with a garden theme, or flowers. This will be a nice way to create a positive image in the mind of any of the potential donors that you are seeking for the event.

To the Party!

With a little bit of constructive brainstorming, you can come up with the perfect event name ideas for the charity, school, sanctuary, or group that you are going to be working with.

Have you come up with some different ideas that could be useful to others when it comes to creating an event name that will cause people to leap into action? Be sure to share it with us!

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