teens taking group selfieEight Fundraising Tips For Students

For young people that are in charge of student fundraising, it can be something that is really challenging. The most important thing for student fundraisers is to raise awareness and spread the word about your cause as far and wide as you can. The more ears that you can get to listen, the more successful your fundraiser will be. Here are eight fundraising tips for students:

1. Start with your inner circle. Go to your family first, then friends, neighbors and teachers. These are the people that are most likely to be personally invested in the success of your fundraising efforts.

2. Ask the people in your inner circle to spread the word. This can be as simple as your Aunt posting a message on her Facebook page about your fundraiser or your best friend telling her neighbor. Leverage your connections to help spread the word.

3. Understand your goals and be able to talk about them. Is your goal to raise a certain amount of money? If so, what is the money going to be used for? Write a script and try to memorize it so that you can eventually talk to your potential donors in a natural way about your cause.

4. Get creative. If you are artsy or creative, use your most interesting skills to captivate potential donors. Create a video newsletter or a beautifully designed fundraising letter to ask for donations.

5. Go door to door. This needs to be a supervised activity of course because your safety is important, but going door to door in your neighborhood or to local businesses to ask for help can really work.

6. Post fliers in a prominent location. Whether it is in the major school hallway or the church conference room, posting fliers about your fundraiser can help your cause.

7. Sell something yummy. When you’re running out of fundraising ideas, think food. Whether it’s a bake sale or chocolate bars, food can be a great way to win people’s hearts.

8. Sell used stuff. Another great fundraising tip is to have a used fashion sale or a yard sale with cool stuff that people are donating. This can be a great youth fundraiser.