stack-of-ten-dollars-familyportraits-300x200Eight Fundraising Ideas For Small Clubs

If you’re looking for small group fundraising ideas for something like a booster club or church group, it takes a little research and some creativity to come up with some unique fundraising ideas. From cookie sales to car washes, here are eight fundraising ideas for small clubs:

Sell Christmas cards. Fundraising for a small children’s group? Why not have your kiddos design some Christmas cards to sell between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Work with a printing company to have them printed out and you can sell them for a profit.

Sell lollipops. Another great one for the kiddos is to sell lollipops. There are a number of reputable companies that sell oodles of lollipops–from gourmet to sugar-free. It’s cheap and fun!

Have a yard sale. Everyone loves to sift through good junk and find treasures, so a booster club yard sale is a great fundraiser for small groups.

Discount cards. Your buyers can take advantage of discounts at local businesses if you sell discount cards for a profit.

Coin drive. Host a drive that’s as easy as putting coin jars out in high-traffic locations. You’ll see the donations rack up as people give you their loose change.

Sell flowers. Perfect during holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, flower sales can be done in a number of ways. You can buy roses in bulk and sell them for a few dollars a piece or get creative and make custom arrangements.

Have a concert. People love performances which is why another small group fundraising ideas could be a charity concert. Sing, dance, or even put on a play. You’ll make people happy and garner their support.

Have a potluck dinner. This is so fun for small groups, especially when you invite family and friends to attend. Create a potluck theme or just have everyone bring their favorite dish and charge $5 a piece for an entry fee. You can even set out donation jars and people can donate a little extra!