imagesEight Fundraising Ideas for Middle Schools

If you’re trying to find fundraisers for middle schools, do a bit of planning so that you can answer some questions. Determine how much money you want to raise, how much you want to spend, and how many people are likely to participate in the event. Here are eight fundraising ideas for middle schools:

1. Discount Cards. You can work with a number of companies who sell discount cards to youth groups and school groups. Basically, you sell each card for a profit and the card entitles buyers to discounts at local restaurants and businesses.

2. Candle Fundraisers. You can work with companies like Yankee to buy candles at a discounted price and then sell them for your middle school group.

3. Cookie Dough. Always popular during the holidays, a cookie dough fundraiser gives students the chance to take orders for delicious frozen cookie dough. It’s profitable and delicious!

4. Pizza Fundraiser. You can host a pizza night at a local pizza place or sell pizza by the slice at the school to make money for your organization.

5. Movie Ticket Fundraiser. Who doesn’t love the chance to go to the movies? You can work with some movie theaters to sell movie tickets that are sold at a profit for charity.

6. Popcorn Fundraiser. Popcorn can be an awesome way to raise money for middle school groups. There are a number of companies that sell unique options like yummy gourmet flavors that can be a great ‘sell’ for people interested in helping your charity.

7. Lollipop Fundraiser. Candy like lollipops are ideal things to sell for this age group. It’s nicely wrapped, not too unhealthy, and they are inexpensive. Hosting a lollipop fundraiser will generate excitement with kids and be an easy thing to sell.

8. Candy Bar Fundraiser. Like lollipops, chocolate bars are a hit too. Cheap and easy to sell, you’ll raise money in no time by selling candy bars.