how-to-build-a-2Eight Fun Wine Basket Ideas For Fundraising

Gift baskets are a widely popular fundraising idea because they offer people the chance to buy a product that’s truly unique and of course they make outstanding gift ideas. If you decide to go with wine baskets, tap into your creative flair to make a basket that is customized to your audience and try to sell them around ‘gifty’ holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

When preparing for a fundraiser, you cannot go wrong with gift baskets! Wine gift baskets, in particular, are increasingly popular, as there are endless possibilities for creating unforgettable wine themed baskets! The best wine gift baskets for fundraisers have an easily recognizable theme that attracts attention! Wine gift baskets, in addition to sticking to a fun theme, should be crafted creatively and with aesthetic details in mind. The best thing about wine themed gift baskets is that they don’t have to be expensive to make, and they always look great!

Wine gift baskets are always a favorite of fundraiser participants! They are sure to be the most popular gift in any fundraiser as everyone loves wine or knows someone who does! When creating your wine baskets for your fundraiser, keep your audience in mind so you can tailor your themes to best fit your guests.  As long as you keep your guests in mind, you’re sure to create attention-grabbing wine gift baskets that people will be talking about even after the fundraiser is over. Don’t utilize boring wine basket ideas-check out these cool ideas!

1. Sangria Wine Basket

Sangria is one of the most popular adult drinks right now! One of the best wine basket gift ideas is to create a sangria themed basket! There are so many different variations on this yummy Spanish drink, and the possibilities are endless! To make an unforgettable sangria wine basket, include a great bottle of wine with several fruits. Consider adding a shot of brandy to kick it up a notch further! Make a lasting impression by including a decorative mixing spoon or a special sangria recipe that is your personal favorite.

2. Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love a great wine paired with the perfect cheese? Do your research to discover the best combinations of cheese and wine and pair them together to create a delicious wine and cheese gift basket! You can also include goodies like a decorative cutting board to help perfect the display. Wine and cheese baskets can be used for more than just a gift; The receiver can use this as a regift too–Meaning, they can utilize this for a party of their own. Throw in the book (mentioned above) so that they can give the gift of wine and cheese too!

3. Wine Picnic Basket

Take the wine to the great outdoors with this wine picnic gift basket! What better way to enjoy a delicious wine than under the sun on a beautiful day out enjoying nature? Pack this pretty display in a genuine picnic basket, complete with a checkered tablecloth and two wine glasses. In order to make this basket even more attention grabbing, include a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a freshly baked baguette– Maybe throw in a gift card to make their wine picnic a wine lunch!

You can even put some light summer wine, cheeses, and cookies and checkered tablecloth (incase you don’t like the personalized blanket above)  in a special picnic basket and you have a fun picnic themed wine gift basket. The sky is the limit with this option and you can think about what you’d want to have for a summer picnic. There are plenty of delicious, refreshing white wines that would go deliciously in this basket option.

4. Ladies Night Wine Gift Basket

Wine is the ladies night drink of choice! Create the perfect ladies night gift basket with a bottle or two of rosé and all of the supplies needed to craft an unforgettable ladies night! Supplies can include face masks, nail polish, and candles. Include some chocolates or pretty candies to make it a true hit amongst your guests! If you really want to step it up a notch, include a popular chick flick for them to watch.

Maximize on the trend by creating a special wine basket just for the ladies. Include glittery wine themed t-shirts, girly wines, and even some wine themed DVD movies to create a fun basket that everyone will want to get their hands on. The ladies will love it and you’ll raise money in no time.

5. Destination Wine Basket

What’s better than Italian wines, Italian cheeses, and some delicious organic pasta from Italy? Create a themed basket with a certain country—or even region—in mind and watch your baskets sell like hot cakes. Italy, France, Napa Valley, and Oregon themed wine baskets would make great gifts and will be something that your buyers really can’t find elsewhere.

Travel the world with a unique destination wine basket without having to leave your living room! Select all of your ideas to represent a specific country or city to ensure a beautiful gift basket everyone will want to get their hands on! For instance, create a French gift basket, with a great French wine and a selection of French pastries or goodies. Other popular wine themed destinations are Italy, South Africa, Napa Valley, and Argentina. Raise the bar by including a printed map of the destination in an elegant picture frame to create a lasting souvenir!

6. Happy Hour Wine Basket

To spruce things up, you can craft a wine happy hour gift basket! Include one or two different wines with classic cocktail mixing supplies! To finish the gift basket, add your favorite wine cocktail recipes! One easy recipe that is always a hit is a wine spritzer which is made with your choice of flavored wine and sparkling water. For a pop of color, add some limes, lemons, or other bright fruits to the wine basket.

7. Wine and Chocolate Gift Basket

Wine and chocolate are an undeniable classic combination! To make this delicious gift basket, all you need is a selection of gourmet chocolate and dessert wine. To spruce things up, use a chocolate cake mix and frosting instead of traditional chocolate bars or candy. Add baking supplies like measuring cups or oven mitts to your basket to help create a gorgeous dessert display!

8. Wine and Date Night Gift Basket

This is one of the most romantic wine basket ideas! Create a romantic wine gift basket that every couple will want to take on their next date! You’ll need wine, glasses for two, and delectable date night items! Some items to consider including are chocolate covered strawberries, a Netflix gift card, massage oil, and popcorn. This date night gift basket will certainly be a hit with all of your guests– Also a great gift for newlyweds, young and old!



There are an endless number of wine gift basket ideas when it comes to creating the perfect fundraiser– These wine basket ideas will surely blow everyone out of the water! These wine gift basket ideas are always guaranteed to be a success, and people always are willing to pay money to enjoy their favorite wines. Remember it’s important to be creative when designing your wine basket ideas! Creativity is always a top seller, so don’t be afraid to go wild with your themes or product selection. Whichever themes you choose, be sure to keep the total cost in mind and up-sell them to create a profit for your charity!