downloadEight Effective Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to fundraising, being effective—and being cost effective—are the keys to your success. Whether you choose to host a gala or start small by launching a fundraising letter campaign, it’s important to measure your event costs against the size of your charity. Here are eight effective non-profit fundraising ideas:

1. Have a competition. From cook-offs to karaoke competitions, hosting a fundraising event around some type of competition can be a great way to raise money, especially if you can get the media involved.

2. Offer services. Anything that’s going to help people run their lives more efficiently is worth pursuing. Services like lawn mowing, car washing, personal errands, and grocery shopping are invaluable to time-crunched people and can be big money makers for charities.

3. Auctions are powerful. You can auction off just about anything—date nights, gift cards, gift baskets and even services too. They can be big or small and are very popular.

4. Raffles. Aside from a super simple 50/50 raffle, other raffles can be great money makers. As with auctions, you can raffle off just about anything and even use a raffle as an extra fundraiser during a larger fundraising event.

5. Try affinity fundraising. This can be a great way for professional charities such as medical groups, law groups, and the like, can raise money. Basically, you build a network of people who have a common interest in your charity to help fundraise on your behalf.

6. Sell fundraising cards. There are dozens of companies that sell fundraising cards that you can use for your charity. Work with chain restaurants or local businesses to get them to offer discounts to customers that hold a discount card and your charity will get a portion of the profits.

7. Offer prizes. Giving people the chance to win something is a great way to raise money for your charity. This works especially well if you use social media sites such as Facebook to spread the word about your organization’s projects.

8. Use the holidays to your advantage. Using a special holiday such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Christmas as a springboard for your fundraising events can be a great way to get more people interested and engaged.