Philanthropy is not where it was, particularly with the hard economic times facing most donors. Nonprofits have been feeling the effects a poor economy for a long time. This has necessitated various unconventional fundraising strategies. Charity organizations that only rely on the old ways of holding raffles and galas may have a hard time achieving their fundraising objectives. It is why efundraising has become such a common alternative for many nonprofits.

The rise of internet use meant another platform where foundations could reach potential donors and solicit funds. This mode of fundraising provides charities with a very wide reach. This is because the internet connects people from all over the world. However, not every nonprofit may know how to capitalize on the efundraising platform. You can’t just open an account with an efundraising site and hope that your donor list will improve just like that. The following tactics can come in handy.

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General Information about Efundraising

Efundraising refers to the solicitation of funds by charity organizations using electronic means. Web pages, social media, and text messages are the most popular forms of efundraising. Nowadays, people use electronic avenues for most of their communication and social engagement, which is why this platform has become so effective.

A charity foundation can approach efundraising in different ways. For instance, affiliate fundraising can be useful for some charities. This method is where organizations get funds when people buy products generating from your browser clicks. Online giving has been, especially useful during emergencies and natural disasters when charities need funds fast. The speed and convenience of efundraising are some reasons it works so well.

8 Areas That Boost Your Efundraising Campaign

Some organizations do very well with efundraising. But it doesn’t mean that yours will as well. You have to know how to capitalize on the opportunities that electronic fundraising offers.

1. Find What Works

Not every fundraising technique will be effective when you are soliciting funds for a certain cause. For most nonprofits, it is a matter of experimentation. You have to evaluate the different efundraising methods and pick the one that offers the best benefits.

For instance, you may find that messaging your donor brings in more funds than selling products online. Or, maybe your social media channels are more effective than messaging. Invest your fundraising resources in a tested and proven method.

2. Mix the Old with the New

Combine your traditional techniques with efundraising. Just because you are reaching more people on social media doesn’t mean you should forget about your emailing and brochures.

For example, you can send potential donors an educational brochure through direct mail. Then, direct them to your website to donate funds.

3. Don’t Neglect Education

Never assume that because people are already online that they can find the information they need about your cause. Offer your prospective donors the relevant information on your website. The same way you took the time to explain certain things to donors on the phone, do that online as well.

Don’t start asking for funds right away. Inform people why your work is vital and why it should matter to them.

4. Build Relationships

One reason your efundraising may fall short is failing to work on your relationships. It is easy for organizations to get detached from their donors when using the online platform. Successful solicitation of funds is all about the relationships you forge and maintain.

Find ways to connect with your targeted givers to make them feel special. A donor wants to feel that you really need his/her money and that requires you to shower attention.

5. Security

The safety of transactions is always a concern when donating funds online. Donors must know that their credit card details and other personal information will stay confidential when using you efundraising portal. Research the best security measures and institute protocols that guarantee protection for givers. Be certain that your audience knows what they have to do on their part to maintain that level of security.

Besides caring for your donors, a secure system ensures you don’t end up in a public relations mess arising from botched contributions. Hacking and identity theft can damage the reputation of your charity foundation severely.

6. Visibility

Starting a website where you can conduct your efundraising is not enough to meet your goals. Find ways to ensure that the right people know that you are looking for funding. The internet provides a myriad of choices when it comes to boosting visibility. PPC ads, social media, and affiliate marketing are a few options that can help you attract the attention of donors.

Remember that your targeted audience is most likely busy with business or other activities online. So you have to make sure they notice you. Writing blog posts and sharing them on other sites can help a great deal.

7. Patience

Your first attempt at efundraising may not go very well, and that is fine. With all the organizations out there seeking funds, it may take a while for yours to achieve any significant milestones. Regardless of the simplicity of efundraising, be ready to put in the work. Dedicate the right talent and energy into creating effective strategies.

Don’t think that a post on Facebook or a retweet by a celebrity on Twitter is sufficient to get the needed funds. You have to learn more than just the basics to make efundraising work for you.

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8. Creativity

Even when using tested and proven methods for your efundraising, you can still try something new. Encourage your staff to find new ways of attracting donors and getting them to contribute. Think of the Ice Bucket Challenge that raised millions of funds for ALS research. You can have a cook-a-thon or a bottle-return campaign where people donate the proceeds from liquor bottle deposits. Think of ideas that are not only exciting but will generate good money.

Pushing the Button

Fundraising can be daunting particularly for young organizations that still have to build credibility and prove themselves. Efundraising is one way that your charity foundation can solicit funds from donors all over the world.

Donating online is quick, easy, and has essentially the same tax benefits as traditional giving. Take the time to research the most efficient means of efundraising and convince your audience why they should give you money.

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