In times of great need across the country, people are looking to raise money for those individuals in need as much as possible. People sell items at garage sales, and they make crafts to put on electronic storefronts. However, individuals in the school setting are also looking to raise money for causes. With so much going on during the school day, it’s hard to put a lot of work into them. What are some other easy school fundraisers?


Instead of having an art show where students have to work on projects outside of school, ask art teachers to have students work on one major project throughout the year. Once the semester or year ends, the art students can have a sale where parents and other people in the community come to purchase these art works. This does not require any extra work on the behalf of anyone as the students would need to make these projects to satisfy their art requirement anyway.


Schools might also want to implement a dress down day for either the employees or the students. Administrators can sell tickets for these dress down days. Teachers can spend a couple of dollars, receive a ticket and wear jeans and a button down shirt or something of that nature. This idea works for students in the private school setting too. They are generally required to wear uniforms, but they can pay a couple of dollars to wear their own clothes once a month or once a quarter.


Teachers can also ask their students to bring in any spare change that they have in their homes, and some of the staff can tally up the coins at the end of each month. Whichever class brings in the most amount each month can win a pizza and ice cream party. The money that is raised should really not be used toward the prize though. Schools should do this if they have enough money in the budget to offer an incentive.


One last idea is to have a drop box with the name of the charity or organization for which money is being raised on it. Students, teachers and administrators can be encouraged to bring in money, clothes and other items when they are able to.


Now, to where should all of this money and these items go? The school can pick a specific charity for all of the fundraisers, or they can donate to a different one each time.