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Easy Fundraising Ideas that Will Make Fundraising... Easier!

Have you ever experienced a failed fundraising event despite great unique fundraising ideas that were used? Maybe your customers and supporters didn’t quite understand what you were conveying to them. Maybe there was confusion right off the bat. It’s possible that the confusion didn’t happen until the event was going on. How can we make fundraising as easy as possible without taking away what it is really there for? Here are some easy fundraising ideas that will help!

Fundraising Letters

How can you utilize the help of fundraising letters in your unique fundraising ideas? First of all, you need to describe the reason and cause of why you are raising funds in the first place. This may sound pretty easy, but this is where most organizers fail. Make sure that you use the most effective words in your letters.

In this way, you can leave a strong impact to your potential customers, sponsors, donors, and supporters. Always remember that if your letters aren’t interesting in the beginning, chances are the rest of your letter will be disregarded. With this in mind, always put yourself in your customer’s position. What would make you read the letter and encourage you to join the fundraising event? You don’t need to make the letter long; You just need to include the most relevant facts and make it short and straightforward as possible.

Show Them the Problem

After showing your customers the problem, answer how the issue can be solved by the person that will be reading your letter. Use suggestion techniques in your letters so you can easily dictate the mindset of your supporters. Not only will you explain the solution to the problem, but you should also tackle about the consequences that may happen if you will fail in your fundraising events. By doing this, you can induce support and sympathy from the readers who are good for your fundraiser.

Think of the Constructions

Construct your letters very carefully; this will be the part of the letter where you are going to change the mind and inspire close-minded people that you might encounter. In your letter, emphasize specifically how the reader will be able to help your fundraising event. If it involves money, specify that you need money and make sure the letter emphasizes that part. If there are other ways to help out, include them also. People who are interested in participating but short on financial aspects can still give their support for your fundraising event.

Remember the Timeline

After you have included your cause, the problem and the solutions; you can now indicate the timeline of the whole fundraising event. This will be for your readers and supporters which can offer help but can’t do so as of the moment. Maybe they are busy with something else and can’t help right away. Open the opportunity for supporters to help your fundraising event at all times.

In writing your fundraising letter, put your heart and mind into it. You must be sincere on your reason to help for a good cause. When people can feel that your efforts are for the better, they will gladly lend a helping hand for your fundraising events.

Referral Marketing for Fundraising?

Referring businesses in your community are one of the best fundraising ideas that you can try out. This is otherwise known as promo fundraising and affiliate sales. The concept for this type of fundraising program is very easy to understand. For you to raise funds, you need to refer or bring in new customers to businesses that offer good products and services that are highly popular today.

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Instead of spending money on lots of advertisements so that they can gather large numbers of customers, most of the business companies today offer a good fee to groups who get to deliver new customers to them. You see? There’s nothing complicated about any of this stuff.

Here is How it Works

Let’s dig deeper into how this type of fundraiser program works. Before we start, you need to know that promo fundraisers are slightly different from one another. However, they typically follow the same type of approach. You start the process by registering your group as an affiliate of a company. After which, you will then exert efforts to promote their products and services to your group of supporters.

Every time a new consumer takes the desired action by the company, you get a referral fee. Since most of the products and services that you’re going to promote are highly profitable and very popular to the members of society, the referral fees or commissions for such can be quite high. For example, if you choose to promote an internet service company, you can earn as much as $25 for every single person that you get to sign up to that company.

They May Not be Believers

Now, this type of fundraiser may offer lots of money, but there’s always a catch behind it. Not every single person that you approach and try to convince will want to change their phone service or ISP at any given time. This means that you need to carry out your promo fundraiser on an ongoing basis instead of just doing this for a short number of weeks like what you do for a typical type of fundraiser program.

Make it More Efficient

To make the most money from this campaign, you need to make use of good promotion tips. Since you’re going to have an ongoing fundraiser, you need to exert continuous efforts to spread the word out to your group of supporters. Provide them with useful information about the different types of deals that you’re offering. Next, if you have a website that’s fully functional, use it for promotions. Millions of people surf the internet every single day so using the world wide web will increase your chances of increasing your number of referrals.

Use the Holidays to your Advantage

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Holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, stockings, candy canes, Halloween costumes and other holiday items are the best fundraising ideas you can sell during holiday seasons. Think about catalog sales. Many fundraising dealers offer a collection of fundraiser catalogs these days. Gift wrap, holiday gifts and ornaments, and candies are examples of these catalogs. But before picking your catalog for this coming holiday season, you must first let your group decide what they want to sell.

Then you need to consider the terms of your supplier, payment options, profit margins and other concerns regarding the product you chose. Keep in mind that a fraction of profit you can gain from the companies may differ to a certain level regardless of having the same type of catalogs some companies might offer to you.

Catalog Sale Warnings

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The best way that will give your group a chance to retain the most of the profit that you’re going to produce from your sales is looking for the best possible companies. Always consider the shipment cost of your chosen fundraiser companies and whether you have to pay for these immediately or ahead of time. You need to avoid high shipping costs as this will decrease your profits over time. You can also check for alternatives provided by the companies such as online sales.

After choosing and contacting the best possible company, proceed immediately on recruiting your volunteers. Don’t forget to create a stable plan for your catalog, product delivery, order form distribution, and other details regarding shipment of products. You need all the help you can get for these things so you can deal with them properly.


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You have to broadcast your fundraiser immediately so that it can be noticed in your community. Email list, newsletters, and bulletin boards are just some ways to advertise your fundraiser program; You can improvise as long as it can be noticed around your community. There are also ways to promote your fundraiser program if you’re doing it on a tight schedule but with a cost; Check local newspapers, radio stations, and television stations. After your advertising, you can carry on with the preparations for your sales campaign. You must first teach your sales

volunteers the job of selling the products to your potential customers. Show your sales volunteers how to persuade, greet, and business talk to their potential customers into making a purchase. You can also make some statistics to keep track of what is happening to your sales campaign. In the end, you will have the much-needed funds for your campaign.

Remember charity isn’t free, the money comes from somewhere, and it usually isn’t cheap. If these ideas weren’t solid enough, check out for more ideas that involve anything from youth sports teams, small sororities, college clubs, nonprofits like a church or school. If you’re fundraising to organizations, remember that the relay isn’t quick like fast food. This is also a great site for kids that are home schoolers to find DIY projects to fundraise too!

Fundraising isn’t about individuals taking on all the works to promote themselves, it’s about fun– executing the main idea. While it isn’t life or death and it isn’t something that you shouldn’t call in the the office for, fundraising schools you on the amount of time it really take and shows you the patients that you need to have. Don’t give up!

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