In many ways, Easter is two holidays. The religious significance aside, this is the time for good old fun and some crackling Easter fundraising ideas both grown-ups and children will enjoy. If you’re aiming to put your cause over the radar, this is an eggstraordinary opportunity to do so.

Before we let you in on some of our fundraising ideas for Easter, let’s look into the matter of logistics first. For one, don’t set the date for your fundraiser to coincide with the holiday. Families usually prefer to set these days aside for church attending, celebrations at home, or leaving town. Try and organize your project one week before Easter.

Secondly, find a venue big enough to host the fundraising event. Obviously, you can’t have a hoard of running, screaming children frantically pulling the ears off an oversized Easter bunny in your nonprofit’s headquarters which, more often than not, have your home address.

Well, no need to be treading on eggshells any longer. Just take a crack at some of our edgy Easter fundraising ideas.

Easter Fundraising Ideas to Help Your Cause

Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunting is one of the crackling Easter fundraising ideas

Always think of the classic first. Who knows what kind of brilliant ideas can spark from these burning embers? Not only are Easter egg hunts simple to organize and fun to celebrate, but your nonprofit can also capitalize on it and move one step closer to the cause at hand.

However, be careful when “cooking up” the egg hunt. You must first choose a good venue with enough room to host the event. It should be outdoors, like the church grounds or a local park. Then, “hatch” those Easter eggs. Either purchase small plastic eggs with prizes from the craft store, chocolate goodies from the local market, or if you’re fortunate enough to harness the power of creative-minded volunteers, ask them to paint some good old chicken eggs. The fun part, for you, will be to hide them.

Afterward, invite families in the neighborhood to take part. Charge a small entrance fee for parents to allow the children to participate. The kid who finds most eggs will win the big prize. Egg them on with prizes such as a ticket to the Sunday matinee or a gift voucher at Books of Wonder or ballet lessons.

It wouldn’t hurt to provide some extra entertainment as well. Also, make sure you have a contingency plan in case of those unexpected spring rains, like an indoors extra venue or at least a truckload of umbrellas. In order to increase awareness about your nonprofits’ mission as well as move closer to the financial goal and up that fundraiser thermometer, you can always work some other ideas into the egg hunt, such as a lemonade stand or raffles.

Easter Egg Hunt with a Soft Touch

If you think the classic egg hunt would just be a sad rerun of previous years and not help your cause too much, try other Easter fundraising ideas with a bit of spice to them. For example, you can involve the children, not only the volunteers, in decorating the eggs. Ask the art teacher to help with or use online tutorials. Other fun activities include egg and spoon races, egg rolling or egg tapping. Onward a prize to the winner of the race.

Easter Flicks Marathon

Easter movie marathon for Easter fundraising ideas

Your local pub or cinema will surely not mind lending their venue for an Easter movie marathon. After all, along with Christmas, what other times are there for a touch of generosity and goodwill? The movie industry does not lack in options. There are such classics such as It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town, Hop, Bugs Bunny’s Easter Funnies, Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie, or Irving Berlin’s Easter Parade. This last Judy Garland flick will also inspire you and your team for one of our next Easter fundraising ideas.

Easter Bonnet

Easter Bonnet Parade for Easter fundraising ideas

“In your Easter bonnet
with all the frills upon it,
You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade.” – Irving Berlin

The Easter bonnet used to add a touch of class to the religious festivities. A spin on the tradition of wearing something new to celebrate the second chance at hand, the promise of redemption, this beloved accessory is now, sadly, a tradition mostly put on hold. You don’t see many ladies bothering to invest in elaborate headpieces at Easter time unless it’s the latest Krazy Kentucky Derby Hat.

Your nonprofit can revive the lost tradition. Not only will you introduce a flicker of the more sophisticated celebrations of the past into the casual society of today, but you’ll also raise some public awareness towards your cause. To get you started, we recommend you scout for volunteers among students and pupils. Ask the teachers to organize extra-curricular activities and have the children make their own bonnets at home. The headwear is not an advanced piece of design. It merely involves tying a satin ribbon around a wide-brimmed hat. Of course, make some allowances for spring flowers, matched dresses, and all in all wild imaginations, and you’ll find yourself with an Easter bonnet parade as in the vision of the Mad Hatter. The wackiest, the more successful. Just let the children know it’s not necessary to sew the hats to their heads.

You need a decent-sized venue to organize the runway, like the school grounds or the local pizza restaurant. People will pay a fee to get in and vote for the zaniest design.

Easter Baskets

Painting eggs as one of the Easter fundraising ideas

When raising money for your cause, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Try many, many baskets. Easter hampers are aesthetic, popular, and easy to put together. Your volunteers can decorate them and fill them to the brim with chocolate eggs, jams, tea, baked pies, or small bottles of wine. Where should you get all these marvelous products from? Try a local retailer with a penchant for advertising. While you satisfy that need for free, the shop will hook you up on sweet, spice, and everything nice.

Once you’re done with ornamenting the baskets, attach a price tag to each one and line them up for raffles or an auction.

Pull the Easter Rabbit out of the Hat

Easter Bunny

You can stage any of the events ahead with relative success, but we guarantee that bringing the star of the show in the limelight will earn your nonprofit some lifetime fans. For the role of the Easter bunny, choose one of your volunteers who has displayed some showbiz talent along the way. The kids will love you for it.

Combos Are Eggstactly What You Need

Stringing together combos for the hit fundraiser is our final and ultimate advice. Choose some of the above Easter fundraising ideas and combine them according to your needs and possibilities. If your event caters to a variety of tastes, the likelihood of a bigger draw for your good cause is greater.

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