If you are looking for new donation sites, you are in luck. There are currently hundreds of different types of nonprofit software on the market. Thus, you aren’t stuck with just a few to choose from. That has also given rise to a lot of competition between software companies bringing down costs and increasing program features. So, depending on your needs, there are programs that will help you with all your donor management needs. Some even provide software that will just focus on accepting donations. They can also help you send out emails, increase advocacy, manage constituents, and give you accounting and reporting functions. Here are a few reviews to help you get started with your search for the best nonprofit software for your organization.

Donation sites can include quite a few features and applications that will help a nonprofit manage different areas of their organization including donor relations, retention, letter writing, reports, and pledges. Since every nonprofit is different in size, budget, and donor capacity, it is important for software to be able to fit a wide range of criteria. Most software companies offer the same basic features, but also provide their own unique spin and functionality on a donor software program.

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10 Cool Donation Sites to Gather Funds from

1. Bloomerang

Bloomerang is one of the cloud-based donation sites that has its origins in the policies of philanthropy, and it is easy to use while encouraging your team to reach amazing results with increased donor loyalty. Nonprofits will feel empowered to engage, touch, and retain their organization’s advocates in ways that will help them move their goals forward to realize their vision for a better tomorrow. Bloomerang is ideal for small to medium sized nonprofits that are focusing on individual fundraising.

2. GivingFuel

GivingFuel is one of the more flexible donation sites that is also easy to use and affordable. Using GivingFuel allows nonprofits to reach their goals with simple tools that will help them expand their donations. It has everything nonprofits need to reach their goals including mobile compatibility, peer to peer fundraising, recurring donations, text giving, social sharing, and app giving. With GivingFuel, nonprofits are in control of their own design, branding, and customization.

3. Flipcause

Flipcause provides a full suite of simple fundraising tools that nonprofits can completely integrate with their current website. By its goal, Flipcause doesn’t want fundraising software that is hard to use, but gives nonprofits total control of their online fundraising without requiring technical expertise to operate it. A centralized dashboard is provided to the nonprofit for easy control of donor activity. This is one of those donation sites that comes with event management, e-commerce, volunteer registration, e-scrip, and donation processing programs that allow the nonprofit to focus less on processing donations and more on fundraising itself.

4. DonorSnap

If you are a nonprofit looking for simple online donation sites that has both donor and membership management, you should check out DonorSnap. It has features that include pledges, online forms and donations, interactions, donation tracking, unlimited user-defined fields, and the ability to import and export Excel sheets. There is a straight monthly fee with DonorSnap with no long-term contracts or hidden costs. The monthly fee covers unlimited usage, unlimited users, and up to 1,000 constituents in nonprofit’s database.

5. NonProfitEasy

NonProfitEasy is nonprofit CRM software that has event, volunteer, donor, and fundraising management. And it also manages email, direct mail, and ticketing. Thus, NonProfitEasy is unlike other nonprofit CRMs by handling all a nonprofit’s operations with a cloud-based application that is affordable and easy to use. It is one of those donation sites that has standard features that can be customized with website integrations of WordPress plugins, APIs, and widgets. NonProfitEAsy has managed to create a nonprofit software program that has integrated affordability and innovation.

6. Blackbaud

Blackbaud is synonymous with donation sites. They have several platforms to choose from with Raiser’s Edge being the most common. Their fundraising system helps nonprofits communicate with their donors and make better fundraising decisions. Raiser’s Edge is a total fundraising system that will help a nonprofit segment, analyze, and create powerful reports. There are tons of strong customization options with Web access, and an entire suite of e-philanthropy tools at your fingertips. There are also optional modules that can be added to meet a nonprofits specific needs including extending fundraising to online donations and managing an organization’s website through Blackbaud NetCommunity.

7. Little Green Light

Little Green Light is another one of those donation sites that is web-based. It’s one for advancement teams that want a complete donor relationship management tool at an affordable price. It offers gift and donor management with event and activity tracking, task reminders, mail merge, reports, and advanced queries. Furthermore, Little Green Lights also includes support. This support comes through daily backups, email, and secure communication (SSL). Even better: LGL Forms is included free, and there is the option for an integrated payment system that allows nonprofits to take online donations.

8. DoJiggy

DoJiggy is one of the most affordable donation sites that includes event software to manage peer to peer fundraisers, walk-a-thons, school fun runs, and crowdfunding events. It is an easy to use system that includes event administrators that allows nonprofits to create a customized fundraising website, create many different types of reports, and place fundraising goals with prize levels. Event participants are also able to make their own personal fundraising page that collects donations through email and social media.

9. Salsa Labs

If you are looking at powerful donation sites, you will see Salsa CRM among them. Salsa a powerful constituent management system that helps nonprofits build strong donor profiles, cultivate major gifts, track donations and touches, and report on development activity. Their mobile-ready digital marketing tools will help drive donor engagement. This includes social marketing, emails, online donations, and event registration forms. On average, Salsa clients see standard annual increases in donations, donors, and donor retention rates.

10. New Org

New Org helps provide excellent service to nonprofit regardless of their size. They have a flexible answer that can be designed to fit any organization’s needs. When a nonprofit implements New Org, they get training, reporting, and imports. Thus they begin their journey to increase fundraising results and lower operating costs. New Org has a management system for development and donor activities. Plus, they include clients, volunteers, and program and service delivery. Other fundraising benefits include online event registration, email campaigns, prospect management, customized event calendars, payment processing, and all-encompassing custom reporting. By using New Org’s management system, a nonprofit can manage all their constituents in one solution and become more sustainable.

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Summing Up

Donation sites offer great technology features with a purpose. Not only can it help nonprofits raise more money and engage donors, but it creates a simple way for them to take care of those annoying administrative tasks, so they can focus on furthering their mission. A well-maintained donor base will only further a nonprofit’s mission, and it is a smart and simple way to engage donors, plan events, and run campaigns.

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