Let’s set the scene… You’re running a 501c3 or non profit; An organization that may need a little help when it comes to receiving donations.   There are tons of ways to ask for help but one effective method? A donation letter requesting exactly what you need. A donation sample letter really lets you pull at the heart strings when it comes to getting what you need.

Who Would Need a Donation Letter

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Fire company for equiptment
  • Memorials or memory of a past event to commemorate an event, such as Christmas
  • School teachers or schools for the the less fortunate
  • Victims of an unfortunate event, such as cancer, other illness that one may be dying from, or a funeral
  • Church or churches for a number of reasons
  • Business or businesses for corporate supplies
  • Hospitals for patient and and non-patient assistance, whether it’s money or med samples

Here’s Why

A donation letter is one of the best ways to reach out to as many people as possible and share your thoughts and missions; It is not a dead practice. To convey this message, you need to write an effective letter that will have an impact on the readers so that they will be moved and thus help you in your mission.

The writing format of this type of letter is important and should be in a formal manner. A well-written donation letter should have a letterhead. This should be followed by an introduction of yourself and your organization in general, in the first paragraph. In the body of this letter elaborate and give the reason as to why you are seeking the donation.

Remember to give specific examples of cases where these donations/fundraisings have helped in the past. The giving and kind people that made the party, fundraiser, or memorial celebration possible will have been there from your request or proposal  Then go on to explain how you will use the new donation, in a way that will impress the reader. Your tone should be cautious and polite throughout the later, then finally sign off formally after thanking your readers for their effort and time in going through the whole letter.

Image source: https://www.sampletemplates.com/letter-templates/thank-you-letter-for-donation.html

Sample Template

The following is a donation letter sample template that you can utilize for your personal needs. Use the format to write your own donation letter.

[The Date]

[Name of Recipient]

[The Organization Name]

[Your Street]

[Your City or/and State ZIP]

[Dear Name of recipient, ]

[Start with an outstanding emotional appeal that is based on facts about your organization and any other donation information. You can also share a success story of your organization to attract the read so that he/she can read the whole donation latter. Try to make this letter as personal as possible by citing any necessary things that you think the reader should know].

State the name of your organization then [insert any problems your organization is facing or trying to solve]. [Give some precise information about the previous use of contribution funds].

The contribution is aimed at [insert possible solution to the problems and how that contribution will help], I would urge you to contribute [some] amount to solve [name new solution]. Thank your readers in advance, for instance,  “I thank you in Advance for your continued support!’’

I hope your donation will be a delight to [state the name of the organization]

Thank your reader i.e. “Thank you and may God Bless!’’

Yours truly/Sincerely, [or use any other warm regards,]

[Leave some space for a signature of the leader in the organization who can also be the writer]

[Write the name of organization leader]

[Give any other relevant details of the organization leader i.e. their email or phone number]

Image source: https://handsfundraising.com/antiquities-photography-make-a-great-school-fundraiser/

Donation Sample Letter

27Th July, 2017

To: Mr. Brian Johnson,

Hope Children’s Home,

8-6-7, Cape Town City,

Cape Town.

Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss [Last Name],

Hi. I am [Your name]. On behalf of Hope Children’s Home, I would like to inform you that we are conducting a fundraising/donation. I am a member and a leader of Hope Children’s Home, and as the fundraiser, I am collecting donations for the upcoming Easter Sunday celebrations for these poor and helpless kids at our organization.

Hope Children’s Home has very few basic social amenities. Last year’s donation was used effectively to build classes so that these kids could start learning. Their number in the classes has been increasing due to the increase in homeless children in the city. We have built out classes but how can they learn without books? How can they learn without taking a substantive meal, let alone their clothing?

That is why we came up with this year’s annual contribution motor titled, “Hope Beyond Hope.” This contribution is aimed at buying and distributing these essential social amenities like goodies for the Easter Sunday festival(food), clothes, and books to the kids. Please, I would like to urge you to contribute any amount that you can get us so that you can personally help these poor young children. As it is our annual event, any gesture from your side will be highly appreciated.

I hope that this donation will be a delight to not only the children but also the whole family of Hope Children’s Home, through your contribution. I thank you in Advance for your continued support!

Thank you very much again, and God Bless

Yours Truly,

[Your Name]


Things To Consider

  • This isn’t a must or a hard and fast rule, but you can include a statement about any other upcoming events, deadlines of contribution, or information that you may want to pass across to the reader. You can even invite them to the facility to look at what was purchased in prior years in an open house manor or send pictures of whom their donation benefits.
  • Be sure to save your receipt or receipts because charitable donations are consider tax deductible. These expenses will not make you a millionaire, but it is a good call to keep the receipts.
  • Don’t let the sponsorship events be a reason to have the cops at your door for solicitation. Soliciting is illegal and depending on how large your event is, your neighbors may not be happy about the charity auction or event that is occurring next to their company. To solicit someone or their building for fundraisers that requests not to be bothered defeats the purposes that you are trying to achieve.


Be sure to give acknowledgement to all companies and organization that you’ve asked, a mention or generous letter thanking them for their gratitude. Whether you’ve got a fundraiser asking for charitable monetary donations or goods, be sure to give them the honor of mentioning them. Whatever you do, share your appreciation and acceptance of all of your profits that accompany your silent partners. Give thanks for the free items that you have received all because of the letters that  you wrote. What are some examples that you like