A daycare center can offer an incredible amount of value to children by exposing them to early education. However, getting access to the best learning tools and building the right educational environment cost a lot of money. Instead of passing on these costs to the parents, daycare centers can run fundraisers to get the money they need to expand and offer more value. Fundraisers, however, imply a lot of effort. That said, there are many simple daycare fundraising ideas that can lead to successful fundraising events. Here are some you should consider if you own or operate a daycare center.

Idea #1: Bake Sale

One of the most proven daycare fundraising ideas to run is to host a bake sale. You can either work with an independent pastry chef or a bakery. This way, you can come up with delicious muffins, cupcakes, and specialty bread that the kids and parents will love.

Work with them to find price points where both parties can make a decent profit from the event. You can also buy from grocery retailers in bulk and resell them to the parents. Some of the parents may even want to contribute as well.

Idea #2: Educational Classes

Running educational classes that parents can attend with their children is one of the simplest daycare fundraising ideas you can implement. There is a wide variety of classes that you can host. These can be anything from baking, painting, IT, to swimming classes.

It’s a perfect concept for it’s something both parents and kids can enjoy. It’s also one of the easier daycare fundraising ideas as it’s likely that you’ll already have faculty on staff that can teach these classes. Even if you have to hire a teacher for the specific class, you’ll find that the costs are very low compared to the revenue that can be generated.

Idea #3: Book Sale

Running a book sale is one of the more obvious daycare fundraising ideas to try out. Parents are already purchasing books for the kids to read, so it makes sense to sell what they’re already buying.

You can reach out to Scholastic and see if you can partner with them for both parties to make a profit from the event. You should also look into accepting book donations, buying used books, and talking to public libraries to see if you can get children’s books for free or at a low cost.

Idea #4: Toy Sale

Another great alternative to the book sale is a toy sale as parents usually buy toys for children. You can accept toy donations, tap into resources that offer free children’s toys, or partner with a major retailer to get toys at discounted rates.

The great thing about toy sales is that they typically have higher profit margins than bake or book sales. The event will require a lot more inventory management, safety protocols, cleaning, and organization. Nonetheless, it will be well worth it in the end.

Idea #5: Rent Out Space

half daycare half restaurant location with modern interior design

While this isn’t really one of the more common daycare fundraising ideas, it’s still a smart idea to try. Most daycare centers run from morning up to five or six in the afternoon. It makes complete sense to rent out your daycare space after the day is over and on weekends.

There are always people looking for space to set up networking events, support groups, and other types of get-togethers. By advertising in the newspaper or talking to event coordinators, you can make use of your unused space and raise money for your daycare center.

Idea #6: Garage Sale

A lot of parents have assets that they simply don’t use anymore. You know the saying, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. You can leverage this fact and see if you can launch a garage sale with the help of the parents. You can even write a formal fundraising letter to parents for an added drop of persuasion.

Ask parents to donate anything that they don’t have any use for. You may even add an incentive by giving them a small cut of the sale. Make sure that you ask for specific items that people will want to buy at the garage sale. Otherwise, you might end up with a lot of useless junk.

Idea #7: Run a Contest

A simple idea that anybody can pull off is to run a contest. The contest doesn’t have to be that elaborate as you can set up a simple raffle event.

To make contests work, you need to make the rules simple and promote attractive prizes. Add prizes that parents will want as well as prizes that would make kids enthusiasts. It can be a mix of electronics, children’s toys, and gift cards for popular retailers. The bigger the prizes are, the more you can charge for each raffle ticket.

Idea #8: Holiday Entertainment Events

You can get a lot of daycare fundraising ideas from the holidays. For example, you can host a ‘build a Christmas tree’ event for both the kids and the parents. Another idea is to organize an Easter egg hunt. You can have a ‘plant a tree’ event for Earth Day. The list is endless, and the events are only limited by your imagination.

The goal here is to create fun events and a unique experience parents can share with their kids. Don’t wait until the holidays to launch an event. You can do something fun like hiring a professional magician for a magic show.

Final Word

These daycare fundraising ideas should get you going. A fundraising event does not have to be complicated. The most important thing is that you make the event unique and entertaining for quality family time. You also want to think about how you can make it worthwhile for the parents as they’ll be the ones making the donations.

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