A community yard sale is one fundraising event in which a number of families from a particular town participate. Essentially, this yard sale can be made up of anyone. However, they tend to be families from a particular group such as a church, Girl or Boy Scout group and so forth.

In order to organize the event, you’ll want to figure out for what organization you are raising charity. Generally, community sales do not seek to make a huge profit, if any, for themselves. Instead, they are working to fund local scout troops, help to make more programs in the church or donate money for a particular cause. The cause could be a national organization, or it could be to aid in the recovery efforts of a local natural disaster.


After deciding where the money is going to go, you’ll need to write a letter to the people whom you’d like to participate. The letter will vary depending upon the specific goals. Here is a basic format that you can use:


Dear (insert name of person),

I am planning to organize a community yard sale to raise funds for (name of organization) on (date and time). I was hoping that you would be interested in joining me, and I can be reached at (your email) and (your phone number) to discuss plans for this event.


Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


(Type your name four lines before the closure, and then sign your name in that space).


Be sure to send these letters out at least a couple of months before the sale date; you want to give people time to prepare and respond. You’ll also want to advertise about the sale around the community. Once individuals have said that they will help, announce a set up time. This time could vary depending upon how many people are involved. For example, if the sale starts at 10 and 10 people are selling products, everyone could arrive around 9. However, if there are going to be 50 vendors, then people should arrive closer to 7 or 8 a.m. 

When people purchase something, thank them for coming and for supporting the charity or cause for which you are raising the money. After the sale is over, be sure all of those funds get to the place where they are going as soon as possible.