charity-donation1-300x183Common Fundraising Mistakes To Avoid

Coming up with a good fundraising strategy can be a hard project to take on. You have to organize the right team of people, set realistic goals and then try to execute your entire strategy effectively and efficiently. When running a fundraising campaign, there are many pitfalls to avoid to insure that your campaign as successful as it can be. Here are some common fundraising mistakes to avoid:

Not asking for a specific donation. This is a very common mistake and one that can cost your organization big time. When soliciting donors for donations, be sure to request a specific amount of money. Donors often appreciate a guideline and will feel more comfortable giving if they know how much other people are donating.

Failing to have a strategy and no specific deadlines. Having a great strategy is the key to success. Having a step by step process to follow with very specific deadlines is even more important. A goal with no ‘road map’ to execution is too overwhelming, impractical, and will not end in success.

Not adjusting your strategies over time. Structure is important in terms of fundraising. But, flexibility is equally as important. Yes, you need a plan of action and steps to follow, but you also may need to adjust those over time based on the situation.

Thinking that you are ‘finished’ fundraising. Fundraising is something that never ends. It requires your constant attention and the constant cultivation of relationships. You need to repeatedly change your strategy, ask for donations, thank your donors, and work on building new relationships.

Failing to use every tool at your disposal. Whether it’s people that you know, businesses that you are associated with, or technology at your fingertips, you need to try to use every tool at your disposal to make your fundraising campaign a success.