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Climate Change Organizations to Donate to for Raising Awareness

Climate change is a crippling condition our planet faces constantly. With the increasing rise of temperatures and melting of polar ice caps, Earth is changing at an incredible rate for the worse. With the displacement of animals every year due to our carelessness that leads to climate change, it’s time to give back. When governments are slow to act, we turn to climate change organizations for aid. Here are some of the top ones that help raise awareness and need donations from you to help change our environment for the better.

climate change effects and causes

Climate Change Organizations – Details and Overview

The world needs to prepare for climate change. Not only have scientists proved its existence, but global agreements have been set in place to help lower our carbon footprint that contributes to it. However, people are still tempted to be skeptical about the reality of climate change, including many powerful world leaders. That’s where climate change organizations come into play. These organizations help promote why it’s important to be loyal to these global agreements and how to lower your own CO2 output on a daily basis. By donating to these causes, you ensure a safer and healthier planet for future generations to come.

10 Climate Change  Organizations that Need Money Right Now

1. Sierra Club Foundation

One of the financial support branches of the Sierra Club is the Sierra Club Foundation. They help promote the protection of publicly owned land, transitions to a cleaner world, and more access to the outdoors through economic and cultural territory. One of the most current programs the organization is pushing is its Beyond Coal and Environmental Law Programs.

2. Pew Institute Ocean Science

This institute conducts, promotes, and sponsors scientific studies to help protect the oceans and species around the world that reside in them. The majority of their projects include recording shark populations and helping improve fishing in small African countries.

3. Environmental Defense Fund

The Environmental defense Fund, or the EDF, was founded in 1967. They are most popularly known for prompting the EPA to pass a DDT chemical ban in 1972 to improve environmental conditions. Nowadays, the organization helps address combating climate change and sustainable ranching and farming.

4. Earthjustice

Earthjustice is a nonprofit organization public law firm that focuses on protecting wildlife, land, and oceans. Their motto is “because the earth needs a good lawyer” makes the organization highly likable and popular.

5. Greenpeace

One of the main organization behind the Save the Whales movement, 30 years ago they successfully distributed inflatable dinghies to helps top Russian Whaling Ships. However, in 2005, they sent out inflatable rafts and small ships to help protect whales from Japanese ships once again. Aside from protection from whaling, Greenpeace also works hard to preserve oceans from oil spills and pollutants and preserve sea life.

6. Natural Resources Defense Council

The Natural Resources Defense Council is an international environmental advocacy group that works tirelessly to fight the effects of climate change. The organization’s goal is to convince corporations, local, state, and federal governments to enact sustainable policies. They have numerous projects in the works that focus on everything from funding scientific research to protecting urban environments.

7. 350.org

Working on a local level, 350.org connects individual climate activists with a global movement. They work mainly on locally focused projects, campaigns, and actions. They have local chapters all over the country and all over the world, all of which have achieved great results. You may be wondering how 350.org got their name. The number represents what scientists say is the ideal concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, 350 parts per million.

8. Conservation International

Climate change organizations do a lot of good work and Conservation International is no exception. They realize how much humans rely on nature to survival and just how vital it is to protect. CI is committed to building a healthier, prosperous, and better Earth. In the United States, they partner with local communities to advocate for land rights and environmental protections.

9. World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund, or WWF, is one of the world’s foremost conservation organizations. They operate in over 100 different countries, advocating for change by working with the media and policymakers. The WWF uses their foundation in science to work with activists on a local and global level. While they do a lot of good work in a number of different areas, they are perhaps most committed to fighting climate change and keeping our world safe for all living creatures. Their climate change initiative includes creating a resilient and zero-carbon Earth that is powered only by renewable energy.

10. Oceana

One of the best climate change organizations is Oceana. This group is made up of marine scientists, advocates, lawyers, and economists. They work to create policy changes for the benefit of our oceans and environment. Oceana has projects that strive to get rid of destructive fishing practices, protect fish and marine mammals, reduce seafood contamination, and reduce pollution caused by ships. Currently, they are active in North America, South America, and Europe.

climate change and green energy illustration

Summing Up

With just a little bit of money, you can make a huge difference. Of course, there are other ways you can help combat climate change. Do something as simple as recycling or as big as starting your own climate change nonprofit – you don’t realize how much good you can do in the world until you do it. You can sleep then happily at night knowing that you have made a difference. Did we miss any great climate change organizations? Let us know in the comments below!

Images from depositphotos.com.

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