Churches have financial needs as well. A renovation project might be underway, or maybe the church wishes to support more mission trips and encourage community involvement. When members of the church are unwilling to step to the plate, some great church fundraising ideas can save the day.

The options are manifold, with some faith-based – like the faith candles or a carol concert, while others are simply tried-and-true fundraisers that not only help meet the financial needs but also involve youth groups and the community.

Follow these simple ideas, and make your money crusade a successful endeavor on all accounts.

Church Fundraising Ideas Don’t Work in Mysterious Ways

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Journey of Faith Fundraising Candles

One of the most popular church fundraising ideas, the faith-based candle campaign has been an all-time favorite with churches. Each candle is scripturally themed, covering a specific Bible verse.

The program costs nothing to start with. The faith candles are pre-sell fundraisers. It means they sell through catalogs or brochures which the company you buy them from provides for free. Each candle may sell for $12, and the church makes half the selling price.

To give you an anticipatory sample, scents include Roasted chestnut & brown sugar, Baked apple pie or Vanilla Bean.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are one of those church fundraising ideas that bring a sense of humor into the equation. What better way to lighten up the mood after Sunday service than showing the congregation church donations can be fun, too.

Here is how it works. Church-goers have to scratch off 2 to 50 covered dots on a card. The amount of money they will give to the church has to reflect the number of dots they uncovered.

Needless to say, the scratch cards can prove to be a high-profit, high community impact fundraiser. Unlike the faith candles idea, there’s no product distribution involved.

Discount Card Fundraiser

One other of the highest-profit church fundraising ideas, discount cards campaigns have been successful enough in the past to be given the vote of confidence.

Church groups flock to test this idea. The process is simple enough, and the youth group could be involved and asked to lend a hand here. After all, they are the most energetic members of the congregation and the discount card fundraiser should prove a useful lesson in economy, at least.

Your group goes out to local restaurants and stores, asking them to contribute to the fundraising effort by offering a discount of 5 to 50% to anyone who shows your discount card. Or, as an alternative, businesses could apply a 100% discount for a second purchase.

If you anticipate selling up to 1000 cards, we’re talking big money here. Plus, this church fundraising idea is a win-win-win for all parties involved: the church, the business owner, and the client of faith.

Carol Concert and Carol Singing

Nativity Tree church fundraising ideas

The perfect way to get people into a charitable mood, Christmas Carols are also beautiful start to the festive season.

Members of the church will leave the church filled with Christmas spirit, while the funds collected can be used to support missionary projects, restoration of an old church, or helping the ones in need.

The church can involve the youth group once again, and carolers can run a church bucket around the neighborhood.

Easter Egg Hunt

If you want to carry out a successful church fundraiser, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. That advice rings most true when organizing an Easter egg hunt.

You hide small wrapped chocolate eggs in the parish garden and charge a small fee for children to hunt for them. You can offer a prize at the end or a chance for children to take a photo with the Easter Bunny.

Or forget the fee, and use the Easter Egg Hunt as the focal point event while working other fundraising ideas on the side, such as a lemonade stand, raffles, Easter egg knitted cozies, an Easter Egg toss or a competition for the Best Decorated Easter Egg.

You can’t beat this ‘eggstraordinary’ fundraising idea!

Babysitting for Parents

Another chance for the youth group fundraisers to get involved. Host a date night where the church offers to take care of children while parents have an evening out. There’s no safer place than the neighborhood church to drop off the kids. The more, the merrier.

The children will have fun as well, especially if the church sets up only one special night a year – say, Valentine’s Day, when all the couples in town must be yearning for some time off parenting. Time that they will get for a nominal fee.

Car Wash

A neighborhood car wash must be one of the most tried and proven moneymakers in the world. They deserve a place on our church fundraising ideas list because they also involve the community in the process.

All you need is a willing and energetic team of youth group fundraisers, a high-traffic location, and some attention-grabbing banners.

If you don’t plan for a fixed fee, just advertise a free car wash ask for donations instead. Remember to keep it fun. Offer some snacks and refreshments on the side. A classic car wash spin-off would be to send your youth group to people’s homes in order to wash the car there.

Book Sale

A book sale brings together not only lovers of the printed word, but also those cleaning out their bookshelves. Host a Bring and Buy fundraiser at the parish, or ask community members to donate their used books for a good cause. Often you will find books for free even in libraries if you ask.

Quiz Night

If pubs can gather a crowd on quiz nights, so can you turn this fundraising idea into a church call. The venue could be anywhere, from the school hall to the parish grounds.

Two great things about quiz nights: they can be tailored to suit all groups and tastes, and themed on different annual celebrations, for example, like Valentine’s Night, Halloween, or Christmas.

You do need to make sure your quiz questions match your participants. If it’s a church fundraiser, maybe leave the sensitive issues aside.

Church fundraising ideas can make a difference to your community. Faith may not move mountains, but an act of cheerful charity can stir a ripple of emotions all around you.

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