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10 Chinese Auction Gift Basket Ideas to Gratify Donors

While there are several ways non-profit organizations can raise money, many opt to hold fundraising events. These initiatives allow them to identify and engage valuable supporters, find new donors, and bring awareness to their cause. The ever-popular Chinese auction baskets are an integral part of any fundraising event and a great way to generate money. To have a successful Chinese auction, the gift baskets must be desirable to donors. From rich, velvety chocolate paired with a sweet Riesling white wine to a cooler packed for a day at the beach, we offer you 10 Chinese auction basket ideas that are unique. These suggestions will set your event apart.

The Importance of Chinese Auction Gift Baskets

If you are tasked with organizing a fundraising event, remember that every detail matters. And what’s a better way to show your appreciation than with thoughtfully-chosen and beautifully put-together gift baskets using our Chinese auction basket ideas?

After all, if you make a good impression on them, the donor may attend future fundraisers and invest in your efforts regularly. So, here are 10 Chinese auction basket ideas that are sure to gratify even the most discerning donor:

1. Back to School Gift Basket

This basket is creative, yet practical and perfect for teachers or anyone with school-age children. You can include notebooks (college and wide-ruled), loose-leaf paper, folders (with pockets and prongs), binders, dividers, crayons, markers, safety scissors, glue, pencils, pens, erasers, book socks, a scientific calculator, a ruler, protractors, Post-it notes, paper clips, and a daily planner. The fun part about this option is that the possibilities are endless!

2. Chef Gift Basket

A cookbook is a fantastic centerpiece for this Chinese auction basket idea. Since most people have a stocked kitchen, opt for things they probably won’t have on hand. These delicacies can be quality Greek olive oil, pink Himalayan salt, a stainless-steel onion slicer, a 3-in-1 knife or relishes and jams from a gourmet specialty shop. Place the items in a large bamboo salad bowl with oven mitts for a finishing touch.

3. Chocoholic (and Wine) Gift Basket

Two guilty pleasures come together in our list of irresistible Chinese auction basket ideas. To make your own version, include a box of luxurious assorted truffles, gourmet chocolate bars, and samples of exotic chocolate from every corner of the globe. Then, add a Godiva hot chocolate set, a gift card to Max Brenner’s (the authority on chocolate), and a bottle of ChocoVine, lush Dutch chocolate mixed with fine red wine.

4. Men’s Gift Basket

Not all men are the same, so why create a one-size-fits-all basket? Here are ideas for a basket that’s as unique as they are: all-natural beard balm, safety razor, golf balls and tees, DIY kit (to make BBQ or hot sauce), bottle of local craft beer, water bottle, cigars, pocket knife, tool set, tie, battery-operated lantern for camping, fishing lures, and guitar picks.

5. Lotto Basket

This is one of the most simplest Chinese auction basket ideas. Why not put together a lottery tree? Just place floral beads at the bottom of a basket, tape 3/8” W x 12” L dowel rods to the back of scratch-off lottery tickets, and arrange them so they look like a bouquet. Be sure to get a variety of tickets from $1 to $10 and add an envelope containing a $50 bill (just in case the scratch-offs are duds).

6. Car Wash Basket

This is a basket for all car-lovers to keep their vehicle looking its best. Fill a large, heavy-duty bucket with ultra-shine cleaning solution, tire wet foam, a car glass squeegee, windshield cleaner, wax and polish, hand-washing mitt, shop towels, scratch repair kit, Fix-A-Flat, air fresheners, a handheld car vacuum, and Clorox wipes (for the interior).

7. Fun in the Sun Basket

For the family taking a beach vacation, the Fun in the Sun Chinese auction basket idea is packed with everything you need for a day in the sun. Include beach towels, sunscreen, flip-flops (various sizes), sunglasses, swim goggles, bug spray, bubbles, Frisbee, lemonade mix, a travel pillow, a good novel, chip clips, pool floats or pool noodles, and luggage tags. Once you have gathered your items, nestle them in an over-sized beach tote or cooler along with a waterproof pouch to protect your phone and keys.

8. Date Night Gift Basket

This Date Night basket can offer the recipient several options for a night out or in their own living room. Offer an array of choices with restaurant gift cards (some can be used for more than one eatery), movie theater gift cards, a bottle of wine, wine glasses, a DVD of a romantic comedy, gourmet popcorn, a board game, a fleece blanket, and ingredients for an Italian dinner (handmade linguine, marinara sauce, and artisan bread sticks).

9. Book Lovers Gift Basket

Do you know someone who always has their nose in a book? This is a unique Chinese auction basket idea that can feature a few books (choose from different genres or look at the New York Time’s Best Seller List), book marks, a coffee mug, hot cocoa packets, bookplates, Frostbeard Studio scented candle in Old Books (Etsy), a tote bag to bring to the library, a book light, an adjustable reading stand, Book of the Month subscription, bookends, a bookstore gift card, a Kindle or a fuzzy blanket.

 10. Coffee/Tea Time Gift Basket

Most people either drink coffee or tea. Therefore, it is a good plan to offer your donors the best of both worlds. This Chinese auction basket idea can have assorted bags of gourmet coffee grounds, tea bags (assorted flavors), coffee mugs or tea cups, a tea infuser, a tea kettle, Keurig pods, creamer, Dunkin Donuts or Tim Horton’s gift cards, biscotti, mini muffins, coffee filters, and coffee stirrers.

Final Word

Use these Chinese auction basket ideas to create gift baskets that donors will want and buy raffle tickets for. From wine and coffee to car products and lottery tickets, there’s something for everyone. And the best part? The products are simple to find and can easily be arranged to make a breathtaking display. If you have used any of the above Chinese auction basket ideas for a fundraiser, tell us about your experience and feel free to leave comments.