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Charity Auction Fundraisers

Charity auction fundraisers are normally great opportunities for assisting people or organizations in need of assistance. The reasons behind such charity activities range from the creation of scholarship opportunities, alleviating a community’s problems or raising funds for a medical research among others.

Charity auction fundraisers also provide organizers with an opportunity to create awareness about a specific cause. An example of a charity auction fundraiser was witnessed in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake where people joined hands to assist Haitians in accessing clean water, food and shelter.

Organizing a charity auction fundraiser is undoubtedly no easy task. It requires adequate preparation and publicity. Fortunately, organizers of such activities can take solace in the fact that there are numerous kinds of fundraisers. The various types of fundraisers at their disposal include:

Live auctions

Live auctions have been the dominant way of raising funds towards a charitable cause while creating awareness. For prominent organizations, this method has been quite helpful in inducing large firms into donating towards their non-profit ventures. Live auctions are often preferred in instances where the items to be auctioned are highly valuable and of special interest.

Basically, the auctioneer verbally calls out and sells every item on auction. Those interested in the item are then supposed to declare their bids where the highest bidder walks away with the item. In most instances, live auctions are always theme-based. This means that the auctioned items must be related to the theme.

Silent auctions

Silent auctions, on the other hand, are the opposite of live auctions. In this case, bidders are normally provided with special bid sheets where they should jot down some details. For instance, the bidders would have to append their signatures complete with their intended bids. Alternatively, organizers could provide bid numbers to the bidders before the charity auction fundraiser begins. This is often in an attempt to maintain the anonymity of the bid. Upon the completion of the silent bid, the one with the highest bid emerges victorious. For a step-by-step guide on how to organize such event, check out’s How to Run a Silent Auction.

Online auction

In recent times, online auctions have gained a foothold in charity auction fundraisers. With the assistance of the Internet, organizers need not arrange for personal events to raise funds or create awareness about a charitable cause. Furthermore, these organizers can enlist the services of software providers in organizing successful charity auction fundraisers. These software providers have the ability to provide auction software, which simplify the organization process.

This involves the creation of a personal website to enable interested people to make their bids. Another option would be to create a coded link on the website that allows visitors to access a personalized page. Those interested in any of the auctioned items can then bid and purchase these products via the coded link. Online auctions may run for a specific time frame or throughout the year.

There are countless ideas regarding the items for auction in a charity fundraiser. Examples include sports memorabilia, cars, raffles or high end merchandise. Above all, a charity auction fundraiser is always a win-win situation. It is a chance for bidders to obtain the item that they desire. For the organizers, it enables them to make an important step towards assisting individuals or communities in need.