Cause Marketing is an efficient way for charities and businesses to work together to support a certain organization or cause. This is a great way to make money for a certain cause since the business will use their resources to bring money into the charity. Many don’t realize Cause Marketing when they see it since it’s fairly popular. Cause Marketing happens all the time.


Why Cause Marketing?

Why Cause Marketing

There are many benefits included in Cause Marketing. For example, the organization or cause they're trying to make money for receives more notoriety. This happens on a larger scale since the business is teaming up with the charity. It’s like raising money for a little-known disease. If the charity finds a large name business to team up with, the chances of making more money go up. People support the businesses they know, love and are familiar with. Most of the time the most successful charities team up with a similar business to get the fundraiser going.


Top 10 Cause Marketing Examples

Top 10 Cause Marketing Examples

The following organizations and businesses have been the most successful in teaming up for one cause. You’ve probably heard of some of them. Most of the partnerships that make this list are widely known. A lot of the time the largest causes are those that relate to health care and finding cures for a certain disease.

Let’s take a look at some of the most successful ones.


1. Starbucks and World Aids Day

Starbucks happens to be a huge name in the coffee industry. Everyone across the country can find a Starbucks nearby. The fight against AIDS has heightened in recent years. More awareness is being brought to the public about AIDS, how people contract it, and who it effects.

When Starbucks decided it was a good idea to team up with this foundation they donated $14 million dollars. Most of these funds go over to Africa. They were able to make this amount of money from coffee sold on World Aids Day. Out of every cup of coffee sold that day, 25 cents went to this fund.

More information about this campaign can be found on the Starbucks News website.

2. Make Safe Happen

This was a partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Safe Kids Worldwide. They teamed up to save kids from dangerous situations within the home. Their safety tips include topics like swimming, falls, sleeping, farm safety, water safety, and much more. They also have a safety guide for each room of the house. This partnership isn’t aimed at making money but rather awareness. They want this information to get out to as many parents as possible. Why? Simply to reduce the rates of home injuries and accidents.

This cause marketing example is aimed at raising money for the statue of liberty. Upkeep of this incredible relic takes tons of time, money and resources. American Express decided to agree to a partnership with the Statue of Liberty Restoration team. They raised this money by donating 1 cent for every card purchase, and $1 for all new cards issued. This campaign has been around since 2006 and reports making $19 million. For more information about this campaign visit the campaign website here.

4. Yoplait Save Lids to Save Lives

Yoplait Yogurt partnered with the Susan G. Komen. They raised money for Breast Cancer awareness and research. The campaign tells consumers to save their lids and mail them in. After mailing the lids in, they make 10 cents per lid which goes directly to Susan G Komen. This campaign is extremely well known and has been around since 1999. Over the years they’ve been able to raise $26 million. This campaign also reaches the media. Commercials and fundraising every year helps this campaign get their money for the cure.

5. Live Strong Bracelet

livestrong bracelet

This campaign came out back in 2004. Surely people remember the Live Strong bracelets that everyone started wearing. The Live Strong bracelet was a partnership between Lance Armstrong and Nike. They didn’t expect to be as influential as they were. Political representatives wore the bracelets as well as adults and children across the U.S. These bracelets raised money for cancer research. The bracelets only cost $1 each but they were a huge hit and raised over $70 million.

6. Avon 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer

This 39-mile walk has been able to raise $500 million towards breast cancer research. Reebok and Avon teamed up to promote walks in over 200 cities across the United States. Avon has also teamed up with the American Cancer Society as well. Avon and Reebok are both big house names which is why these campaigns have been so successful.

7. JetBlue Soar with Reading

Back in 2011 Jet Blue decided to partner with Random House organization for a campaign called Soar with Reading. This cause provides books to low-income children. They’re on a mission to promote literacy to children in areas of the country known for being in poverty. The books are completely free to the children in need.

8.  Coca-Cola Arctic Home

Coca-Cola Arctic Home

This partnership is between Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund. When the Coca-Cola company realized there was an initiative to save Polar bears, they decided to lend a helping hand. These two organizations have made over $3 million through text messages. Consumers of the brand were told to send package codes which would bring in $1 per message. This money was used to figure out a way to save the polar ice caps from melting. Without these ice caps, polar bears will cease to exist.

9. Operation Safe Return

This cause marketing campaign is aimed at giving secure transportation to the United States military. Whether its supplies or transportation itself, Jeep and the United Services Organization have raised over $1 million in both transportation services and donations. Supplies like canned food and medical necessities have been donated and taken to troops both near and far.

10. PurposeFULL

This cause marketing project was created by Arby’s and Share Our Strength. Their goal is to provide donations for needy children in the United States who go hungry. Once a customer finishes their purchase, they’re asked to donate to this cause. According to Arby’s, they’ve been able to raise more than $15 million to help feed hungry children.

Non-Profits and Cause Marketing

Non Profits and Cause Marketing

This happens to be one of the best ways for non-profit organizations to make money for their cause. Most non-profits don’t have a large budget or any at all. They rely on donations from ads, social media and, of course, cause marketing. Surely these companies will need to have some notoriety before big-named businesses partner with them. Cause marketing happens with small businesses too. Local shops and restaurants have smaller causes they support as well. This is usually through donation after consumers purchase a good. The donation is usually pretty small. For example, at the end of a purchase from a restaurant, an associate may ask if you would like to donate a dollar to a certain organization.

More Than Money

Depending on an organization's needs they could possibly benefit from materials other than money. The best example is Jeep that is listed above. Although Jeep themselves do not supply monetary donations, they do on the other hands donate their cars for the cause. Jeep fans and consumers are likely to be aware of this partnership and they’re more likely to donate since the United Services Organization is affiliated with Jeep. When considering cause marketing, you may not realize that it also helps the business associated. Trusted brands build a good reputation with the community through donating and supporting these organizations. Consumers are more likely to buy from a company that supports a cause they agree with. This brings in more sales and business for the company.

Employees and Board Members

Having helpful members on the cause marketing team ensures everything runs smoothly. Volunteers may be utilized as well. Energetic people who want to be part of the cause show their cheerfulness when working for the organization. When people encounter the event or organization they want to be connected with people who truly care about the cause.

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Final Thoughts

Cause Marketing is all about partnership. These partnerships prove to benefit all the parties involved. No matter what the cause is this partnership shows notoriety and stability. Sometimes multiple businesses will team up with an organization to promote their cause. This ends in massive donations and notoriety for the organization involved. Cause Marketing has proved to be an efficient way of promoting campaigns. The future looks bright for those who consider this kind of marketing.