Burger King Restaurant Fundraising Opportunities

Photo Courtesy of jwrb via Flickr

When it comes to raising funds for your event or charity, your options are many. Should you sell items through a catalog? This is always a popular choice, especially around holiday time. Bake sales and car washes are classic activities that can be counted on to bring in some cash. Walk-a-thons and races are becoming increasingly popular, as well. However, if you’re looking for a fun way to generate donations for your cause or organization that is also unique, consider holding a fundraiser with Burger King.

How Can Burger King Help Me Raise Money?

Schedule a certain time and invite friends, family, and all potential donors to eat at Burger King during that timeframe. A whopping (pun intended) 20% of pre-tax sales from your event will be given to your charity or organization. It’s Burger King’s policy that the proceeds for your fundraiser are sent to you within 45 days. This convenience eliminates the hassle of collecting pledges or dealing with bad checks from well-meaning donors.

Why Should I Hold a Fundraiser with Burger King?

Friends and family want to be supportive of your daughter’s Girl Scouts troop; aunts, uncles and grandparents welcome the chance to support your son’s little league team. They will buy the wrapping paper, tins of fudge, and potted mums whether they really need them or
not, just to show support. When you hold a fundraiser at Burger King, you can feel good about asking people to support you by participating in something you know everyone enjoys doing—eating a meal! Everyone needs to eat, so by inviting supporters to buy a meal at Burger King during your fundraiser, you know that each person will be getting
something they need. You won’t have to feel guilty suspecting your co-worker is reluctantly buying an item they have no use for or could get at a better price somewhere else. Burger King is well-known and trusted. Make your fundraisers an annual event, or hold them as often as needed. There is no limit to the amount of fundraising events you can schedule through Burger King.

How Do I Schedule My Fundraiser at Burger King?

Visit Burger King’s Benefit for Your Cause website. Complete the online registration information, including your Federal Tax ID number. Be sure to have the information about your event ready, including the address of the Burger King restaurant where you’d like to hold your fundraiser. The website offers an option to send Evites to attend your event. While electronic invitations are convenient, don’t forget to promote your event through traditional means, too. Some suggestions from the Burger King website include posting notices in newsletters, printing posters to display and printing stickers with the slogan
“Dinner at BK tonight.” The website offers a template for tickets to be printed. Be sure that each attendee receives a ticket to ensure credit for purchases goes to your cause.