School Book FairA Book Fair is an event held at schools across the country that gives families and students broad access to a variety of literature that they may not have the opportunity to explore otherwise.  Book Fairs are typically held on school campuses or libraries. Parents as well as library workers often volunteer to help with setting up the Book Fair as well as gathering support for the Book Fair.  Hosting a Book Fair at a school is an excellent fundraiser and can generate high levels of revenue to support literacy and library programs.  There are many opportunities during the school year to host a Book Fair and to host a successful one.

Scholastic is a company that is well known for their advocacy of literacy.  They also provide excellent Book Fair services.  They deliver the books and the merchandising displays to the school to help the school advertise, organize,and run a successful Book Fair.  The best part of Scholastic is that they encourage the student to become part of the enterprise.  Scholastic provides activities that can be promoted through the Associated Student Body or through other school clubs to support the Book Fair.  The team at Scholastic is comprised of book sellers and former educators.  They know exactly how to run an efficient Book Fair and will help new schools learn the tricks of the trade with ease and intelligence. (

Blue Ribbon Book Fairs is one of the fastest growing Book Fair companies that promotes events for schools. Blue Ribbon Book Fairs offers patrons a choice between making a profit or rolling the money into a grant that will benefit the school. Blue Ribbon Book Fair is a family event that encourages listening, literacy, and family involvement with a local focus and feel. (

Book Fairs do not have to take place only at schools, they can also be held at local libraries or church organizations as a way to fundraise for the community.  Book Fairs are excellent ways to bring the community together to encourage life-long reading and commitment to literature and education.  Hosting a Book Fair is a wonderful way to be an example to both children and adults about the fantastic joys just waiting to be discovered in the adventures of a new story.