fundraiser planning timeline

Fundraiser Planning

Fundraiser planning is a necessity if your organization doesn’t have the funds needed to be self-sustaining. Without having some kind of fundraising ‘blueprint’, you and your fundraising team will waste valuable time and resources. In the initial phases of a fundraising campaign, spending some quality time fundraiser planning can help you raise more money and waste less time. Here are 6 steps to fundraiser planning:

Select Your Fundraising Team

Spend some time gathering the best go-getters to be a part of your fundraising power team. There are always outgoing, goal-oriented people within any organization that love to be a part of something big. When it comes to fundraising, one of the best resources is people, so take a good look at the members of your organization and assemble your ideal fundraising team.

Evaluate Past Fundraising Strategies

Take some time to evaluate past successes and failures in terms of fundraising strategies. Are there effective fundraising ideas that have worked well for you in the past? Do you know a fundraising wiz that can give you some great ideas about what’s worked for them before? Sometimes the best answer is the most obvious one, so choosing a fundraising strategy that’s worked well for you or someone else in the past may be your best option.

Set Clear Goals

Any successful campaign has a final goal—an end result that every campaign member is working towards. Make sure to set a very clear goal about what you hope to achieve with your fundraising plan. If you set a final monetary goal, for example, your entire team will personally have something tangible that they can work towards.

Have a Brainstorming Session

This is one of the most important steps in the fundraiser planning process. Gather your power team together and have a good old fashioned brainstorming session to come up with effective fundraising ideas. There is always power in numbers, and you might be surprised at how creative your team can be when it comes to finding ways to raise money.

Make a Timeline

Once you’ve identified your final goal and you’ve come up with some creative ways to raise funds, plan out a realistic timeline to achieve the goals. Select a pre-determined amount of time, like a month or a year, and lay out your strategy. Put the larger tasks on the timeline, and then break up the larger tasks into smaller tasks and timeline those out as well. Having smaller goals and tasks listed on your timeline might help you manage your time more efficiently.

Divide and Conquer

After the timeline is completed, have a pow-wow with your fundraising team and divide tasks up amongst the group. Since people are your greatest resource, dividing and conquering can be the most effective way to reach your final goal.