While they do convey recognition for hard work, trophies, and plaques as soccer award ideas do cost money. As rewarding and noteworthy as they are of an outstanding achievement, they really don’t do much beyond making the winner feel good.

Sure, soccer players who earn trophies can feel good by displaying them on shelves, or in cabinets. However, useful and functional awards can do more than just acknowledge a good performance on the field. Here are six excellent soccer award ideas that are more of an investment in the player, as they are a piece of hardware to reward achievement.

*The following football award ideas were listed in order of value and popularity, from the simplest to the more expensive and valuable one.

several kids' feet standing on a football field and a soccer black and white ball on the grass

1: As Simple as a Soccer Ball

Trophies and plaques do make a player feel good about their accomplishment, but that’s about as far as they go. They aren’t useful past the point where the award is handed out. Sure, they may inspire a player in some respects. Still, soccer award ideas that give something truly useful serve more than one purpose. Giving an actual soccer ball as an award does just that.

A brand-new soccer ball is a unique way to show your appreciation of excellence. Soccer balls as awards are marvelous ideas for youth age players. Many of these kids couldn’t afford their own ball, so giving one as an award does two things. A soccer ball will also last for years. It acknowledges their hard work and effort, plus gives them a usable tool get even better and improve their skills.

black and red soccer equipment shin guards

2: Equipment and Gear Certificates

If you want to continue with the useful concept for your soccer award ideas, you can give worthy players gift certificates for their efforts. Many times, sporting goods stores will offer special pricing for gift certificates, helping to make this idea even more appealing. Sometimes they will donate a portion of your awards to help promote local soccer, as well as generate some positive advertising.

Players can turn their achievement award into physical equipment to further improve their game. Shoes are costly, plus there are other items that can be purchased. Gift certificates or gift cards are an outstanding participation award to give in place of a trophy or plaque. Developing a working relationship with a local sporting goods’ vendor can make this one of the most appealing soccer award ideas.

a large group of children sitting on the grass during a soccer camp

3: Soccer Camp Scholarships

Sticking with the functional motivation for creative soccer award ideas, paying for instructional camps is another excellent choice. You can use this type of award to help improve the talents of your players.

Sending a kid to soccer camp shows not only approval for good performance, but confidence in their ability. Awarding camp scholarships or paying registration fees is an award that can benefit every type of player, not just the great ones.

Camps are excellent ways to meet new friends as well. These camps often generate lifelong friendships. Most importantly, they use drills to provide expert tutelage that can help make team members reach their potential.

Offering a soccer camp scholarship is one of the smarter soccer award ideas because it keeps giving long after it’s awarded. You also have the option to give multiple players on your team a scholarship to the same camp.

several rocks aligned on a surface with a small fake graduation cap and diploma

4: School Scholarships

Another award that helps to build on a player’s love of the game are scholarships. These types of awards are usually offered to acknowledge excellence league-wide and can be more costly than single item awards. However, even a small scholarship for books or new equipment can be a dream come true for a kid when he prepares for college.

Frequently, you can include local businesses and people in your community to help support a scholarship award program. You can name the award after the person or persons who provide a donation. This is another of useful soccer award ideas that does more than just show appreciation. It can be a player’s doorway to the future.

plenty of people participating at a soccer game

5: Match Tickets

If you live close enough to award game tickets to a professional soccer match you truly have a potentially unique award. Similar to a new soccer ball, a pair of tickets to a match rewards performance with a functional prize. Even if you don’t have a professional level team in your area, most college sports programs have a soccer team.

The idea behind giving tickets to a game goes beyond an award that sits on a shelf. Watching a live game can be a teaching tool as well. However, the one thing it does continue to do is foster the love for soccer in the individual. Offering tickets to a soccer match is a great way to show appreciation for excellence and promote the game itself.

a man wearing an authentic football jersey of the Ecuadorian Soccer Team

6: Authentic Team Jerseys

There’s another great way for an avid soccer fan to show off their love of the sport. Young players especially, enjoy wearing the jersey of their favorite players. Offering a hard-working team member a jersey as a reward for excellence is a super way to ignite them to put forth even more effort.

Jerseys are also soccer award ideas that last. They have value beyond just a wooden plaque or shiny trophy. The player can proudly wear the jersey and feel the inspiration from some of the greatest soccer players in the world. There are world leagues, European leagues, and Olympic team replicas. The inspiration behind jerseys as soccer award ideas is in the uniqueness of each award.

Let’s Recap

These six soccer award ideas are both practical, as well as valuable. They show appreciation for excellence in performance while offering things that could help improve that performance even more. Some of these awards can be more costly than conventional trophies, but you also have the ability to elicit donations to help deflect the expense.

So, when it comes time to hand awards to your best soccer players, give some extra thought to these useful ideas. You’ll give players not only something to make them feel good about themselves but an award that they can put to good use.

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