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10 Best Coffee Fundraiser Ideas that Are Profitable and Easy to Implement

Most community organizations depend on fundraisers to help them reach their goals. From boys and girls clubs to neighborhood sports teams, a great fundraiser can help you attend those special events or make a difference for a cause. A great option for those looking for a unique opportunity is a coffee fundraiser. Coffee fundraiser ideas are all over the internet.

When you start looking for coffee fundraiser ideas, you will want to reference the guide below listing eight tips to help you meet your mark.

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1. Organize Carefully

The first thing you need to think about when you are gathering coffee fundraiser ideas is who is going to help you? Building a dependable team from the start will save you hours of stress later. Once you know who has the time and energy to pitch in, you will need to be very deliberate in your task delegation. Make sure you know who is available when before deciding on tasks. For example, someone who is only available at night probably shouldn’t be expected to visit local businesses. They might be more helpful in creating flyers for your fundraiser or researching potential vendors.

2. Choose the Right Vendor

Looking for vendors can be a hassle. However, doing good research at the start will ensure you are getting the best value for your needs. There are many reputable coffee fundraiser vendors out there and the industry is only growing in popularity. You want to note the following when comparing vendors:

  • Length of time in business
  • Experience with your type of organization
  • Experience in your geographical area (ask for references)
  • Profit margin
  • Upfront costs to you
  • Processing time for orders

The best vendor for you should be pretty clear after making the above considerations.

3. Include Variety

The best coffee fundraisers don’t limit themselves to just a few products or even to just coffee. Tea and non-caffeinated beverages like hot chocolate are just as popular. A diverse selection will increase the chances that your participants will see something they like and be inspired to place an order.

4. Offer Extra Incentives

You will want to ask your vendor what incentives you can offer participants when they place an order. Most vendors offer little perks (an extra percentage off of another item, for example) that you can use to your advantage when starting your fundraiser. This is one of the simplest coffee fundraiser ideas because the vendor has already done all of the work.

5. Personalize your Products

Most vendors offer personalized product packaging and labeling to help get your organization out there. This option is well worth it if you are looking to do future fundraisers or are looking to expand your network. Participants who are invested in your cause will be drawn to the personalization.

6. Utilize Online Sales

Online fundraisers are growing in popularity. Many fundraising vendors will offer you an online buying option that will supplement your door-to-door efforts or even replace them entirely. You can use the unique link on business cards or in emails and social media to reach more people in less time and let them know about your organization. Online orders are also easier to track and require less time sending people to businesses or sending out brochures. The best coffee fundraiser ideas include both online and paper order forms.

7. Sell Small Samples

One of the easiest coffee fundraiser ideas is to start small. Ask your vendor if they offer $1 samples or similar products to these coffee backpacks. These are a great way to kick-start your fundraiser and get people interested in the product. Make sure you ask how many you need to buy at once, most vendors require you purchase a certain amount upfront. This does mean paying an upfront cost, but once you have the products you keep all of the profits made from there. You can sell them all now or save some for later.

8. Wait until Winter

Another of our coffee fundraiser ideas is to hold your fundraiser during the winter months. Hot beverage sales naturally do well during this time of year. Keep your fundraiser short (most last 1-2 weeks) and aim for the time between fall and winter holidays if you can.

9. Offer Fair Trade Options

Something not often talked about when gathering coffee fundraiser ideas is the role of fair trade. Many coffee and tea lovers are aware of the fair trade debate. With this in mind, make sure you are offering fine coffees and teas that are also fair trade certified, in addition to more widely available options. This will help you reach different niches of coffee and tea buyers during your fundraiser, including those that are passionate about supporting the farmers who make our beloved drinks possible.

10. Taste Test Approval

A simple way to get the word out about your coffee fundraiser is to host a taste-testing event. Allow potential participants to enjoy samples of some of the products during a one-time event. Make sure you have order forms or samples available for purchase at the event for best results. The taste testing could be the kick-off, or the spring to the finish of your fundraiser.

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Summing Up

Coffee fundraiser ideas don’t have to be complicated. The list above gives you 10 ideas for getting your coffee fundraiser off to a great start. Share these tips with your entire fundraising team to help get everyone on the same page before you begin.

Do you have more coffee fundraiser ideas that we haven’t thought about? We would love to read about your ideas in the comment section below. Cheers!

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