Basketball fundraising ideas are often an essential activity for keeping your team running. Even though high school sports teams typically receive a significant amount of a school’s budget, it is possible that your organization may still need more money for jerseys, travel expenses, or workshops to improve your skills.

The following basketball fundraising ideas are among the easiest to implement and the most effective. Each works in a slightly different way to create a reliable source of team income that can be adapted and adjusted to meet the needs of your team. Don’t be afraid to try out multiple approaches here.

an outdoor basketball rim with white net and a red ring

1. Duct Taping the Coach

When it comes to basketball fundraising ideas, this is one of the stranger ones. You set a donation goal that must be met before the team gets to duct tape the coach to the wall. This act should occur during a fundraising event in which you also have auctions and other activities to make money. Once the donations reach the decided level, the team gets to duct tape the coach to the wall.

This idea may seem weird but is more popular than you’d imagine. It gets the coach actively involved in fundraising and gets the community involved in a fun and funny situation. It is essential to make sure that the coach is protected during this activity by wearing long-sleeved shirts and jeans. These protect his skin from the glue of the tape.

2. Scratch Cards

People enjoy scratch cards because they are a simple type of gambling that is relatively risk-free. They are also one of the most popular basketball fundraising ideas for several reasons. First of all, they can be very profitable. Selling 100 tickets for $5 each earns your team $500. Make sure to set up a prize that is enticing but which won’t cost all the money you earned.

Make sure to talk to your local officials about this type of fundraiser before trying it for your basketball team. In most states, these types of activities are only legal if used to raise money for a charitable purpose. Your basketball team should meet these requirements, but they will vary from state to state.

3. Customized Team Clothing

When it comes to basketball fundraising ideas, customized team clothing is one of the best. It requires spending a little money to create jerseys, socks, and basketball caps with your team logo. Sell these at your games or other fundraisers to exponentially increase your money. Most people who are willing to donate to a basketball team are big enough fans to wear your gear.

It is also a good idea to hold “spirit events” during your games. During these ceremonies, the spectator wearing the most team gear wins a small gift card. This gift card is a loss-leader purchase that will inspire more people to invest in your team clothing. It is an investment that is worth making if it gets the community involved in your team.

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4. Rent Out Your Players

Basketball fundraising ideas are often a great way to introduce your players to the community and get them more involved. For example, this concept allows people in your town to rent the services of one of your players for the day. Your players will perform activities (within reason) for the person who rented them, such as mowing their lawn or cleaning up around the house.

The idea here is not only to raise a little money but to show the kindness of your players. By getting your players out into the community and contributing to it positively, you are showcasing their worth to potential fans and donors. As a result, they are more likely to donate to your team or to come to their games. This fact is especially true if your team is good and regularly makes deep playoff runs.

5. Alumni Games

Here’s another one of those basketball fundraising ideas that will keep your team active in the community. Seek out former players in the area and see if any are willing to play in a fun alumni game against your current team. Each player should donate a little money for the right to play. Most alumni players will be more than happy to help out their former team in this way.

Make sure to sell tickets to this event and have donation boxes at the door. Selling baked goods during this game is also a good idea. Try to make the event seem like a fun way for the community to get together and experience the area’s sports history. Integrating local celebrities, such as the owner of a store or someone who played in college, will increase community interest.

6. Three-Pointer Contest

Last, but not least, is this fun event. It is one of our favorite basketball fundraising ideas because it will draw in a broad range of people. Host a three-pointer contest in which the winners get small prizes. These can include gift cards and even cash prizes.

The event should include people of all ages and from every walk of life. Each player must pay a small fee to participate. Furthermore, anyone who wants to attend the event should donate. Make sure the event is a lot of fun by including music, other activities, and a funny announcer who keeps everything light and silly.

Drawing to a Close

As you can see, there are many different basketball fundraising ideas that you and your team can try out. Hopefully, you find at least two or three different ideas that appeal to you. These methods have been used by plenty of teams in the past to varying degrees of success.

That said, some ideas may work better in your community than others. If you find that your team is struggling to get success with one approach, don’t hesitate to switch to another. Adaptability when implementing basketball fundraising ideas can help you adjust to the financial needs of your team.

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