istock_000018094345smallBasketball Fundraisers For Youth Sports Teams

If you’re in charge of hunting for basketball fundraising ideas for a youth sports team, try to think about what is the best way to get both parents and students involved in your fundraising efforts. The way to raise money and awareness in your basketball fundraiser is to cast a wide net and get as many people involved as possible. Here are some great basketball fundraisers for youth sports teams:

• Donkey basketball Fundraiser. Sometimes it’s tough to come up with exciting fundraising ideas for basketball teams, but thinking creatively can win you and your team big points. It may sound absurd, but donkey basketball is a practice that’s been happening in the U.S since the 1930s. An event held at many schools, companies contract their donkeys and equipment out to sports teams and then host a basketball shooting tournament. The charity group then splits the proceeds with the donkey company.

• Entertainment Book Fundraiser. This is a popular fundraiser that allows participants the chance to sell discount books to local entertainment places like arcades, movie theaters, restaurants and more. Usually you work with a company online to either pre-order a certain amount of books or you can sell the books first and then place your order after you know how many books you need. A great way to raise money for your basketball team.

• Selling Discount Cards. Similar to the Entertainment Book, discount cards entitle purchasers to discounts at local eating places and often popular chain restaurants. You work with a reputable company online to place your order and your sports team will reap the rewards with part of the proceeds of each sale.

• Create A Fundraising Page. With so many templates and websites online that offer these services, this can be a great basketball fundraiser. Does some research online, snap a team photo, and be prepared to tell the World Wide Web about your sports team and what you need help with. Whether it’s raising money for a tournament, new jerseys, or new equipment, doing an online fundraising can be a great way to go.