Books and Barnes and Noble Fundraising Evenings

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A Barnes & Noble Fundraising Evening is a fun and effective way to raise money to support your school or community organization. This program offers one-stop book fair shopping. The book fair takes place at a Barnes & Noble store, where helpful staff members will help you plan and present exciting activities based on the theme of your choice. Have a dinosaur dig, a scavenger hunt, a poetry reading! Use the store finder feature on the Barnes & Noble website to find and contact a store near you. Barnes & Noble staff will guide you through the process, ensuring an efficient and successful event.

When the day of your book fair arrives, make sure attendees have your book fair ID so purchases are credited to your organization. Not only will you earn a portion of the sales generated at your event, but your supporters can shop online on the day of your book fair and for five days after your event. Barnes & Noble will present your earnings to you in a Barnes & Noble gift card or a check—your choice.

Here are some tips to help you get the most from your Barnes & Noble fundraising event:
• Time your book fair to capitalize on holiday shopping, National Book Week, Children’s Book Week, or a local book festival.
• Schedule your event eight weeks in advance in order to get the date that works best for you and to allow plenty of time to plan, promote, and generate enthusiasm for the book fair.
• Publicize your event. Barnes & Noble will provide some promotional materials and a book fair ID that will link purchases to your organization. Promote your book fair in your organization newsletter, on your website, and in your local newspaper. Tell supporters or members to spread the word! Have a poster contest, or sell raffle tickets and conduct the drawing at the book fair.
• If your book fair is to support a school, don’t forget to spotlight reading list books, teacher wish lists, or titles centered around specific hobbies or interests.

A Barnes & Noble Fundraising Evening can encourage reading in the community and support your school or organization. For complete details on this fundraising program, visit the Barnes & Noble website.