Raising funds for your charity or organization should be a fun and relaxing event for everyone involved—especially the event organizer. Instead of calling around to reserve halls and pricing caterers, why not hold your next fundraising event at a favorite eating spot experienced in hosting fundraisers? When you host your next fundraising event at Applebee’s restaurant, the details are taken care of for you. Applebee’s restaurant offers several options for your fundraising needs, and all take place in the comfortable and familiar atmosphere of America’s neighborhood restaurant.

How Can Applebee’s Help Me Raise Money for My Cause?

Applebee’s restaurant is committed to community involvement. They are known as a restaurant that “gives back,” such as by offering current servicemen and women and vets a free meal on Veteran’s Day. Along with cultivating a neighborhood atmosphere, helping to raise funds for worthy causes is one of their specialties. Applebee’s offers different options for hosting a fundraising event. You can choose from casual and quick breakfast gatherings to more elegant evening functions. When you host your event with Applebee’s 15% of the event’s pre-tax, pre-gratuity proceeds will go to your organization, charity or cause.

Why Should I Hold My Fundraiser at Applebee’s?

Applebee’s restaurants strive to cultivate a family-friendly atmosphere that is sure to please every supporter of your cause. Unlike many restaurants that offer fundraising events only at night, Applebee’s gives you the option to host your event at different times of the day. You can even choose to host an always-popular pancake breakfast. This is an option that will allow your attendees to stop by and support your cause without taking too much time out of their day. When you host your event at Applebee’s you have the freedom to design your event’s tickets any way you want to, and you are allowed to sell them for a price within a reasonable range. Applebee’s requests that a minimum number of attendees participate in your event, which in turn can add up to significant funds for your cause.

How Do I Schedule a Fundraising Event at Applebee’s?

Visit the Applebee’s website to locate the restaurant nearest you. Contact the manager of the restaurant and arrange to schedule your fundraising event. If that particular Applebee’s doesn’t offer its facilities for fundraising, ask to be directed to the nearest one that does. Keep in mind that Applebee’s does request that a minimum number of attendees be present
at your event. An accurate count is required in advance.