Raffle Ticket Spool

Raffle Ticket Spool

All About Hosting A Reverse Raffle

Everyone knows how fundraising raffles work and they are an ever popular way of raising money for charitable organizations. But if you’re looking to shake things up a bit and venture beyond your typical fundraising raffle, a reverse raffle may be the way to go.

How it works
Essentially, a reverse raffle is exactly as it sounds. It’s exactly the reverse of the way a normal raffle works. The difference is that you draw the losing tickets first, leaving the winning tickets at the very end. It’s a fun spin on a traditional fundraiser.

Have a multi-tiered reverse raffle
If you end up having a large turnout and you are able to score a number of donated prizes, then one of the best things you can do is to break up the reverse raffle into several stages or tiers. So, for example, you may raffle off the first prize after you’ve drawn 20 losing tickets and then you give away the second prize after you’ve drawn 50 losing tickets, and so on. This will keep people on their toes and keep them from losing interest.

Give away a grand prize
A grand prize at the end of the entire reverse raffle can be a great way to generate excitement. Even better, make the reverse raffle grand prize a total surprise so that no one knows what it is.

Ask for donations along the way
If you’re hosting a reverse raffle, chances are this will be a big event in itself or part of a larger event. Leverage the numbers in attendance and remind people that this is a fun event that’s for an incredible cause. People might open their wallets for more than just fundraising raffle tickets.

Sell other stuff
Since you’ll have an audience, use the space and time to sell other things like concessions, baked goods or other homemade crafts that can be sold to profit your charity.