5 Tips On How To Sell Coupon Books

Selling coupon books can be a win-win situation for your organization, the local businesses that participate, and your customers that purchase the books. Charity coupon books are highly effective fundraising ideas as they raise money for your organization and your potential customers have a selection of bargains at their fingertips. The businesses that decide to be a part of your coupon book have an opportunity to advertise their product or service in the book, and the coupon books bring customers to their door. Selling coupon books can be hard work, but with a motivated sales team and a good list of potential contacts your organization can reach their financial goal. Here are 5 tips for how to sell coupon books:

  1. Take The Book With You Wherever You Go: Once you’ve organized your team and begin the selling process, make sure that you and your team never leave the book at home. You never know when a selling opportunity will present itself to you. Your family might have an interest at a family gathering, or maybe your dentists’ office would be interested in participating. Having the coupon book physically in your presence can be a powerful selling tool.
  2. Show Enthusiasm For Your Cause: People will be much more likely to purchase your coupon book or participate if they understand why you are selling them. Explain what the money raised will be used for and why it’s important—give them a compelling reason to make the purchase.
  3. Know It Like the Back of Your Hand: Before venturing out to make sales happen, take the time to flip through the coupon book and memorize the participating companies. Name-dropping can be a powerful tool, so telling potential customers about some of the popular restaurants and stores included in your book can generate sales.
  4. It’s For More Than Just Eating: Many fundraising coupon books include coupons for services, like car washes for example, or experiences like putt-putt golf and other fun stuff. Remind customers that there are more offerings in the coupon books than just eateries.
  5. Have A Power Team: No one can take on such an ambitious project along, so make sure that you have some people to back you up. Assemble your most ambitious and outgoing friends from your organization or even family members who are willing to help and get them to hit the road with your coupon book in hand.