3 Great Popcorn Fundraising Ideas

One of the most fun (and most delectable!) ways to raise money for your charity or organization is through popcorn sales. Whether you choose to sell traditional popping corn with salt and butter or gourmet popcorn drizzled with chocolate and caramel, your potential buyers will be ready and willing to donate to your cause for a handful of mouthwatering popcorn. In terms of cost and profitability, raising money through popcorn sales can be one of the most effective fundraising ideas for churches, schools, and more. Selling popcorn typically doesn’t cost a lot of money, it doesn’t cost a lot of money for your donors to purchase, it can be a creative and fun option that fits well into the fundraising efforts of most organizations, and popcorn is wildly popular!  Here are 3 great popcorn fundraising ideas:

  1. Go With A Theme: Many popcorn manufacturers offer popcorn that’s sold in creative, themed bags. This can be a really fun way to go beyond the standard bags of microwaved popcorn. Volunteers for your organization can sell microwaved popcorn at a sporting event, for example, but instead of a boring old popcorn bag, the popcorn bags expand into a fun, themed bag like music or sports themed bags. Best of all, this can still be inexpensive and profitable!
  2. Try Something Fancy: Whether you and your fundraising team decide to create your own homemade upscale popcorn treats, or you select high-quality, unique popcorn offerings from popcorn manufacturers that offer popcorn fundraising options, providing your buyers with an unusual gourmet popcorn option can be an enticing and money making fundraising idea.
  3. Make it Homemade: In some cases, having your fundraising team make batches of popcorn at home and package them for sale is one of the cheapest ways to raise money. With a little bit of creative packaging, and perhaps a creative recipe or two, you can gather your team and have them develop a popcorn collection for sale that will earn money for your cause in no time.