3 Best Ways to Sell Coupon Books

Coupon books are an ideal way to raise money for an organization or specific cause. Oftentimes, local businesses love to be included in coupon books as a means of enticing potential customers.  Customers also love coupon books because they offer a variety of local products and services at a great value. There are a myriad of ways to sell coupon books, but we’ve narrowed it down to the 3 best ways to sell coupon books:sell-coupon-books

Make a list and check it twice

Learning how to sell coupon books can be as simple as making a list of everyone that you know. Friends and relatives can make some of the best customers because they often have a personal investment in your success. Work colleagues, acquaintances from church, and neighbors also offer a potential outlet to sell coupon books. Write down a list of all of the people that you know and start with those in your inner circle, and we guarantee that you’ll generate sales.

Assemble your sales team

Chances are you already have someone within your organization that’s a real go-getter. They love a little friendly competition, and they love to accomplish a goal. Gather your most outgoing, most competitive friends or organization members and organize a superstar sales team. Have them canvass their own network of family and colleagues, or even send them door to door to sell coupon books. You can even offer a small prize to the person that sells the most coupon books to sweeten the deal. Once you unleash the enthusiasm of your sales team, you’ll see sales skyrocket.

Make an appearance

Another highly effective way to sell coupon books is to show up on the doorstep of one or two of the local businesses that are being featured in the book. You can ask the restaurant or business permission to sell your coupon book as customers are leaving. It’s a great way to generate sales, especially because you know that patrons are already interested in that restaurant or store. They might welcome the opportunity to buy your coupon book as a way to save money at their favorite shopping or eating place.