615x200-ehow-images-a08-01-d9-solicit-sponsorship-800x80010 Fun And Easy Fundraising Event Ideas

Need to raise money for your charity and you need to do it fast and with little out of pocket cost? Here are ten fun and easy fundraising event ideas to get you started:

1. 50/50 Raffle: Tried and true, classic and easy, you sell raffle tickets for a flat fee per piece. Half of the money goes into the winner’s pot and half goes toward your charity.

2. Host a resale. Even more fun if you can create a theme such as women’s resale or kids’ toys and clothing, opening your own resale shop or having a yard sale for your charity is fun and easy.

3. Auction off a date. Great for an adult charity organization, you can pick your best bachelor’s and bachelorette’s and auction them off for a date night.

4. Sell signed memorabilia. Whether you pick and autographed football or a signed rock and roll poster, auctioning off some cool memorabilia to the highest bidder will make your charity some serious cash.

5. Host a pizza night. Host it at a pizza restaurant, during school lunches, or during a sports event. Either way, you can make your team or group money with this fundraiser.

6. Sell chocolate. Pick from dozens of companies who sell tantalizing chocolate bars and products online. You can usually get good deals and it’s a cheap thing to sell so people love this type of fundraiser.

7. Have a book sale. Perfect for schools and universities, gathering unwanted and donated books and selling them in a charity book sale is an easy winner.

8. Sell roses on Valentine’s Day. You can work with a florist to get a deal to buy them in bulk and then sell them during Valentine’s Day or even Mother’s Day for a profit.

9. Have a cupcake sale. Fun, delicious, and easy, this is great for schools and churches.

10. Decorate something. Sell decorated greeting cards, wall art, gift baskets or more. Using your most talented people can mean raising money for your charity.