Often times we see schools, sports teams, and nonprofits in need of help. Wonder why? More than likely, the people that dedicate their time to these events are volunteers—Utilizing their own money to help their cause.

There is always a cause that can utilize more help whether it be monetary help, physical help, or donations for those in need. Fundraising is an important part of creating the means necessary in getting everything needed for your specific cause.


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There’s More to a Capital Campaign Than Just Raising Money

A capital campaign is often the flagship event or campaign for a non-profit. In many cases, this single undertaking could require months of planning and earn the funds needed to help a non-profit operate for a large portion of the year. One reason capital campaigns...

The Top Six Fundraising Websites We Recommend

The Top Six Fundraising Websites We Recommend

The Internet and the use of social media has dramatically changed the way that fundraisers are held all throughout the world. It is easier now than ever before to raise money for a worthy cause. Thousands of dollars can be obtained in an instant simply by sharing a...

Event Sponsorship Letter

Tips, Tricks and a Template