Often times we see schools, sports teams, and nonprofits in need of help. Wonder why? More than likely, the people that dedicate their time to these events are volunteers—Utilizing their own money to help their cause.

There is always a cause that can utilize more help whether it be monetary help, physical help, or donations for those in need. Fundraising is an important part of creating the means necessary in getting everything needed for your specific cause.


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Top 10 Quotes about Giving back to the Community

Top 10 Quotes about Giving back to the Community

Humanity has achieved much but has failed in the act of giving. With little emphasis on giving back to the community, there is a dire need for igniting the charitable act in each one of us. What better way to inspire than through giving back to the community quotes?...

7 Fun Craft Fair Ideas that Are Easy to Implement

If you are a crafty person who wants to make a little extra money, it's not a bad idea to consider some fun and simple craft fair ideas. Creating items that people want at a craft fair requires some careful planning and an understanding of what sells at these shows....

Top 10 Volunteer Recruitment Ideas You Can Try

Top 10 Volunteer Recruitment Ideas You Can Try

No NGO can deploy any meaningful activity without the support of an enthusiast group of volunteers. The most challenging part of recruitment is getting people who are the right fit for the organization and for specific jobs. If getting the right volunteers is proving...

Event Sponsorship Letter

Tips, Tricks and a Template