About Us

We think it’s safe to say that most of us have been involved in some sort of fund raising venture. If you’ve been blessed with children in sports or extracurricular activities you’re probably an old pro. Cookie dough sales, raffles tickets and bingo are an every year occurrence. Therein lies the problem with fundraising we have fundraising fatigue. We developed www.the-fund-raiser.com to give all who search ideas to make fund raising fun again and our passion for it is clear.

The-Fund-Raiser.com is committed to keeping readers engaged by giving you brand new ideas and new companies to ensure your fundraisers are both fun and successful. We also give you a fund raising hack or two to add some spice to some of the more common fund raising campaigns.

Dig in and discover new ways to raise the money you need for softball, baseball, cheerleading, soccer, football, religious organization, schools, medical, tragedy, etc. Please don’t hesitate to leave us a message with any questions, new tips, or an announcement of your latest fund raising project.

Our Management Company

We are excited to tell you about the company that manages our website.  This company writes our content, designs the look, and even markets the website.  The company’s name is Income Store, find out more about what they do by clicking here.