6 Effective Basketball Fundraising Ideas – How to Make the Most Money

Basketball fundraising ideas are often an essential activity for keeping your team running. Even though high school sports teams typically receive a significant amount of a school's budget, it is possible that your organization may still need more money for jerseys, travel expenses, or workshops to improve your skills. The following basketball fundraising ideas are among the easiest to implement and the most effective. Each works in a slightly different … [Read more...]

All About Wrapping Paper Fundraiser – a Simple and Profitable Idea

Schools, sports teams, and even churches all participate in regular fundraisers to cover unbudgeted expenses. A great way to help your organization raise some extra cash is a wrapping paper fundraiser. In this day and age, these fundraisers look a little different than they used to, but they are still a fun way to get your organization's name out there and raise the money you need for that next project. Where do you start with a wrapping paper … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas That are Actually Effective

There are many good causes and organizations in the world that people will donate money to. When it comes to charitable fundraising, there are several angles to use for raising much-needed funds. If you have a small nonprofit group and need to raise some funds for a certain project, then you should read on. We’ve got tons of nonprofit fundraising ideas and tips for you below! Let’s Set The Scene You can find so many ideas for fundraising online today … [Read more...]

Easy Fundraising Ideas that Will Make Fundraising… Easier!

Have you ever experienced a failed fundraising event despite great unique fundraising ideas that were used? Maybe your customers and supporters didn’t quite understand what you were conveying to them. Maybe there was confusion right off the bat. It's possible that the confusion didn't happen until the event was going on. How can we make fundraising as easy as possible without taking away what it is really there for? Here are some easy fundraising ideas … [Read more...]

Unique Fundraising Ideas to Get The Public Involved

For most people, fundraisers are simply annoying events that individuals and companies hold to raise money for one reason or the other. Although this may have been the case in days gone by there are various ways that these events can be spiced up. Now, events are chatted about from her to the UK. Fundraisers aren’t just for corporate business any more, they’re used for sports, nonprofits, and college functions. But what about those unique fundraising ideas … [Read more...]

Exciting Fundraiser Ideas That Will Blow You Away

Fundraising is a great way to bring the community together, for big corporate events, college, nonprofits and other group events. There are tons of clubs and organizations that need money. Churches, cancer centers, and sports teams ofter fundraise for what they want. Check out some of these fundraiser ideas to really inspire you! What Can You Do? Faced with financial constraints, a school administration has no choice but to axe all the non-essential … [Read more...]

Fundraising Ideas That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Planning an event to collect money either for a good cause or for business is fundraising. But you probably already knew that. You may have tons of fundraising ideas and you've probably fundraised for churches, your college community for a school dance, cub scouts, or a corporate group event. It’s not an easy task especially when it’s non-profit. It demands a lot of planning, hard work, and innovative ideas in order to convince people to contribute money … [Read more...]

How to Execute Successful Fundraising Ideas- Tips and Ideas

Kind hearted individuals, usually in their respective organizations, come together to brainstorm to think of effective fundraising ideas. This may be done within the community, which may involve the participation of its different sectors such as the church, the government, nongovernment organizations and the schools among others. One of the most successful ways to raise funds is through the school. Not only do the students have a chance to participate in … [Read more...]

How to Get Sponsors for an Event: 10 Key Steps

As those in the world of business are well-aware, you must know how to get sponsors for an event you are hosting if you want to keep event revenues stable. Marketing specialists are especially savvy to the importance of attracting and maintaining quality sponsorships. These sponsorships account for more than half of an event manager’s income, so it is critical to master the art of getting sponsors. General Information About Getting Sponsors Acquiring … [Read more...]

5 Best Charity Car Auction Programs in the US

Those who are looking for the best charity car auction often find that many of these companies cannot be trusted. Some are rather wily with what they do with the money or even outright lie. That's why it is important to understand the best charity car auction activities of this type around the nation and how to identify a good one for your purpose. We've tried to highlight sales in various parts of the country as a way of attracting the largest number … [Read more...]