Top Five Mission Trip Fundraisers

Top Five Mission Trip Fundraisers If you are in charge of a youth group fundraiser or church fundraiser that involves raising money for a mission trip, then you can easily come up with ideas that will make your mission trip fundraisers a success. From car washes to garage sales, mission trip fundraisers can be motivating for the mission trip attendees involved and they can raise big money. Here are the top five mission trip fundraisers: Donation … [Read more...]

Have You Evaluated Your Fundraising Strategy Lately?

Have You Evaluated Your Fundraising Strategy Lately? Sometimes we're so busy getting work done that we fail to take a good hard look at our fundraising strategy to find out what's working and what's not. As most people probably know, some of the best laid plans don't always work out the way we hoped that they would. One of the best things you can do for your organization is to conduct a 6 month or 12 month audit of your fundraising plans and fundraising … [Read more...]

How To Raise Money Online

How To Raise Money Online If you're in charge of fundraising for charity, you just can't afford NOT to take your non-profit work online. Online fundraising is now the 'norm', not the exception, and it can make your fundraising efforts go from zero to hero in no time. If you're new to online fundraising or just need a refresher, heed this advice for how to raise money online: Select an online platform with a track record of success. Websites like … [Read more...]

Ideas for Animal Fundraisers

Ideas For Animal Fundraisers From pets that need rescuing to wildlife charity causes, there are warm and fuzzy pals the world over that need help. Animal fundraisers can range from small, local charity events to large-scale wildlife group events. For those that want to make a small difference in a big way, here are some ideas for animal fundraisers for small groups or individuals: Start a Crowdrise site or donate directly. Starting an online donation … [Read more...]

Top Five Political Campaign Fundraising Ideas

Top Five Political Campaign Fundraising Ideas No matter who the candidate is, getting your ideal candidate elected is important to you and your campaign fundraising group. So, if you're in local politics, how do you go about raising the money that's necessary to get your person into the office they are running for? There are countless political campaign fundraising ideas, but here are our top picks: Host a gala. Wining and dining potential donors is a … [Read more...]

The Best Quick Fundraisers

The Best Quick Fundraisers It's great when you have time to plan, develop and perfect a fundraising event, but sometimes in the world of non-profits, you need to launch some quick fundraisers. There are dozens of quick fundraising ideas out there, but we've narrowed it down to the fastest and most effective of the lot: Start an email chain. It only takes a few minutes to craft a really good fundraising email. If you need cash fast for a cause, sit … [Read more...]

Nine Awesome Charity Raffle Prize Ideas

Nine Awesome Charity Raffle Prize Ideas Are you thinking about doing a charity raffle for your school, church or work place? Raffles are a popular and fun way to raise money for charity. From experiences to cool things people can take home, raffles are a win-win for both charities and donors. Check out these ten awesome charity raffle prize ideas for inspiration. Money. Oh yes, this would be a big winner with potential donors. Choose to do a 50/50 … [Read more...]

Great Fundraising Ideas For Individuals

Great Fundraising Ideas For Individuals Fundraising ideas are easy to find if you're trying to fundraise for a large group or organization. But if you are trying to find individual fundraising ideas? Being a one man show can be tough if you've got a cause that you're passionate about, but with some tenacity and some creativity, you can find ways to raise money for your cause. Here are five great fundraising ideas for individuals: Start a GoFundMe … [Read more...]

Tips For Social Media Fundraising Success

Tips For Social Media Fundraising Success If you want to be truly fundraising savvy, you have to take your fundraising campaign online. Online fundraisers tend to be more successful and have a wider reach than going the traditional fundraising route. Social media can be a truly powerful tool when used the right way. If you're looking for social media fundraising ideas and pointers, here are some to get you started: Use multiple channels. If you're new … [Read more...]

Five Easy Fundraisers For Animals

Five Easy Fundraisers For Animals It's amazing the impact that our little furry friends have on our lives. Dogs, cats, birds and other animals enhance and enrich people's lives more than you can imagine sometimes, and they need help too. Just as people plan fundraisers to help people, they also need to help animals in need in the form of animal fundraisers. Whether you're hosting a fundraiser for an animal shelter, or you have a certain pet in mind, here … [Read more...]