10 Healthy Take Out Ideas to Make Your Charity Unforgettable

Are you in charge of fundraising at your nonprofit? Are you looking for new and creative ways to build your funds? Do you want to host a fairly easy fundraiser with a low barrier to entry and a high likelihood of reaching your community? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then read on to get our quick guide of 10 healthy fake out ideas for your charity. You’ll find fun, creative ideas that you and your team can execute without a year of … [Read more...]

How to Create the Suitable Target Fundraising

The biggest challenge for a nonprofit is finding ways to raise funds to support its cause. With thousands of other charity organizations fighting for the same resources, it can be difficult to reach your targeted funds. The secret is setting yourself apart by taking the time to find creative ways to structure your target fundraising models. Many fundraisers come up short of their targets because they don't set realistic goals. Then, they use generic … [Read more...]