How to Execute Successful Fundraising Ideas- Tips and Ideas

Kind hearted individuals, usually in their respective organizations, come together to brainstorm to think of effective fundraising ideas. This may be done within the community, which may involve the participation of its different sectors such as the church, the government, nongovernment organizations and the schools among others. One of the most successful ways to raise funds is through the school. Not only do the students have a chance to participate in … [Read more...]

Do You Need a Donation Letter? Sample Donation Letter? Find the Answer Here!

When starting a fundraising plan, whether you are fundraising for an establishment, church, funeral home, fire hall or any other 501c3 organization, you must find a way to reach out to companies. Gaining support from local businesses and businesses through fundraising is an outstanding way to create a source of revenue for generous donations such as accolades or exclusive cost savings. Sample donation letters here! You can pay professional copywriters to … [Read more...]

Donation Sample Letter With a Template and Examples!

Let's set the scene... You're running a 501c3 or non profit; An organization that may need a little help when it comes to receiving donations.   There are tons of ways to ask for help but one effective method? A donation letter requesting exactly what you need. A donation sample letter really lets you pull at the heart strings when it comes to getting what you need. Who Would Need a Donation Letter Nonprofit organizations Fire company for … [Read more...]

The Ultimate List of All You Need To Know about Wine Gift Baskets

Gift baskets can be prepared for any kind of occasion. Creating it is truly enjoyable and fun. But unless you know what you're doing or anything about wine, you probably don't have the knowledge to really create the most perfect wine gift basket. If you're searching for ways to make a wine gift baskets but don't have the information that you need, you've found the one stop shop for all your wine information needs. A little bit of Background Info It … [Read more...]

How to Personalize Wine Gift Baskets

Giving the gift that never ends, a wine gift basket, is always something that hits home when given to the recipient. The recipient will treasure any gift they are given, but what about a gift that is über personalized?  From holiday season, to a DIY gift basket for a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, you can't go wrong with wine. A wine gift basket is great, but consider making it yourself versus buying a pre-assembled basket. The DIY feature … [Read more...]

Do You Want Some Cheese With That Wine? Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets!

Gift baskets are one of a kind, unique, and useful gifts that allow the gift giver and the recipient to have a sense of accomplishment since there are tons of gifts that can be given or donated to different organizations with different themes. The number one gift that is given has nothing to do with want or need, it's about knowing what to give someone when even they don't know what they want. This kind of gift is affordable to everyone's pocket. You can … [Read more...]

Wine Gift Basket; The Gift that Keeps on Giving

With wine gaining in popularity over more traditional beverages, a custom wine gift basket makes the perfect gift for almost any occasion. Most people are becoming aware of not only the health benefits of various wines, but the enhancement qualities of wine when complimenting almost any meal. While wine has health benefits, wine is also a go to gift. But don't be that cheesy person that just picks a wine and goes with it. While that is ok to do on … [Read more...]

How to Make the Most Out of Efundraising

Philanthropy is not where it was, particularly with the hard economic times facing most donors. Nonprofits have been feeling the effects a poor economy for a long time. This has necessitated various unconventional fundraising strategies. Charity organizations that only rely on the old ways of holding raffles and galas may have a hard time achieving their fundraising objectives. It is why efundraising has become such a common alternative for many … [Read more...]

Five Handmade Gifts for Fundraisers

Five Handmade Gifts for Fundraisers If you’ve got someone in your organization that is handy or crafty, why not put their talents to work for your charity by tasking them with making something homemade to help raise money for your group? People love to buy things that are truly unique, useful, and have meaning, so selling handmade items for your fundraising event is a great idea. If you’re looking for some DIY fundraising ideas, here are five handmade … [Read more...]

Top Ten Sports Fundraising Events

Top Ten Sports Fundraising Events Sports fundraising events can range from something appropriate for a small group to an event that makes a huge splash and brings lots of people together. The key for any sports fundraiser is going to be the same: To raise money for your sports team and raise awareness of what you and your sports team stand for. Here are our top ten sports fundraising events: Host a tournament. This may be an obvious choice, but it’s … [Read more...]