Yankee Candle Fundraising

For your fundraising needs, consider giving Yankee Candle a try. Well recognized and easy to sell, Yankee Candle is touted as selling America's best loved candles. With lots of support, a variety of scents and success in a short amount of time, many attest to great outcomes through Yankee Candle fundraisers. While trying to decide about your organization's next fundraiser, checkout Yankee Candle. The website details many important facts and frequently … [Read more...]

Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising Ideas

Otis Spunkmeyer, a company whose name has become synonymous with delicious baked goods, provides fundraising opportunities that work for any size group. Schools, sports organizations, churches, and even private causes can raise funds with an Otis Spunkmeyer fundraiser. In addition to their delicious products, Otis Spunkmeyer provides extensive support and high quality incentives to groups that use their program.  Delicious, Convenient Fundraising … [Read more...]

Selling Sports Memorabilia for Charity

Raise Money for Charity with Sports Memorabilia If you are looking for a fun and unique way to raise funds for your non-profit organization, consider an auction of sports memorabilia. There are a variety of companies who have the products and expertise needed to help you meet your fundraising goals. In fact, you do not even need to have any knowledge regarding sports or sports memorabilia in order to take advantage of this exceptional fundraising … [Read more...]

Running your own charity auction

Charity auctions are great ways to raise money and awareness for your favorite cause, and if you are running one yourself instead of hiring it, there is a lot that you need to do. Make sure that you have a list nearby regarding what you need to have set up and when, and also get reliable people to help you!   Getting Donations Most charity auctions run on support from from the community, and that means that you likely need to send people out for … [Read more...]

Community Yard Sales for Fundraising

A community yard sale is one fundraising event in which a number of families from a particular town participate. Essentially, this yard sale can be made up of anyone. However, they tend to be families from a particular group such as a church, Girl or Boy Scout group and so forth. In order to organize the event, you'll want to figure out for what organization you are raising charity. Generally, community sales do not seek to make a huge profit, if … [Read more...]

Writing Grants for Fundraising

You may be wondering if you can qualify for a grant. The way to find out whether you qualify for a grant is to review the grant requirements in order to find out whether you meet the relevant criteria for that grant. If you do meet the requirements for receiving the grant, you should answer each question on the grant application in a very detailed and specific way.  You can learn about grants at different workshops geared toward work in your area. You … [Read more...]

Easy School Fundraisers

In times of great need across the country, people are looking to raise money for those individuals in need as much as possible. People sell items at garage sales, and they make crafts to put on electronic storefronts. However, individuals in the school setting are also looking to raise money for causes. With so much going on during the school day, it's hard to put a lot of work into them. What are some other easy school … [Read more...]

Book Fair Fundraisers

A Book Fair is an event held at schools across the country that gives families and students broad access to a variety of literature that they may not have the opportunity to explore otherwise.  Book Fairs are typically held on school campuses or libraries. Parents as well as library workers often volunteer to help with setting up the Book Fair as well as gathering support for the Book Fair.  Hosting a Book Fair at a school is an excellent fundraiser and … [Read more...]

Barnes and Noble Fundraising Evenings

A Barnes & Noble Fundraising Evening is a fun and effective way to raise money to support your school or community organization. This program offers one-stop book fair shopping. The book fair takes place at a Barnes & Noble store, where helpful staff members will help you plan and present exciting activities based on the theme of your choice. Have a dinosaur dig, a scavenger hunt, a poetry reading! Use the store finder feature on the Barnes & … [Read more...]

Event Fundraisers

Fundraising is essential to the survival of most non-profit organizations. The success or failure of a fundraiser can determine how much an organization is able to accomplish.   Fundraising walks or runs are excellent event fundraisers. These fundraisers need little startup capital. The keys to making money with this kind of fundraiser are organized planning and very large numbers of participants. Plans need to be started six months ahead. … [Read more...]