Chinese Auction: 10 Cultural Facts You Need to Know

An auction is a fundraising event used by not for profit organizations and philanthropists to collect voluntary contributions of cash used to support different causes. Traditionally, a fundraising entailed moving door to door or around the streets requesting for donations. Today, however, we use evolved ways like online fundraisers that are more efficient than the old versions. One of these innovations is the Chinese auction. In this article, we discuss … [Read more...]

What Is an Endowment and How Can It Work for Charity?

An endowment fund is an investment fund that is set up by a foundation and makes withdrawals from the interest generated. The money from the fund is usually used for specific needs or to further the operations of an organization. Most of these funds are mainly funded entirely based on donations. This could be the reason why many wonder what is an endowment. The principal amount is designed to remain intact throughout the life of the fund. This article … [Read more...]

5 Event Name Ideas To Call People To Charity

It goes without saying that there can be a whole lot that rides on the name of your non-profit organization or any event that you are going to be planning. Because of this, you need to put some time and effort into whatever event name ideas that you want to call your programs and projects. You may be hoping to have a name that is going to be chiseled into the minds of your attendants. Then, you should take the charity into consideration with the manner in … [Read more...]

Five Ideas that Make Knitting for Charity Successful

Multitudes of charities around the U.S. are in desperate need of donations. If you are a skilled yarn crafter or represent an organization and want to give more than just your money to good causes, you may consider knitting for charity. Before you start knitting for charity, however, you should first understand the impact that your contributions may have on the organizations to which you donate. You can successfully start knitting for charity by keeping … [Read more...]

9 Reasons Why You Should Use Event Planning Tools

There are a wide range of special events that can bring people together for socialization, business activities and more. Whether you are preparing to head to a trade show, host a business gala or even organize a wedding, you may be wondering what types of event planning tools are available for you to use and why you should use them. From the archaic to the high-tech, there are exceptional options available that you can use for various aspects of your … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding for Nonprofits – Four Wacky Fundraisers to Enjoy

Sites and ideas that revolve around crowdfunding for nonprofits are crowding the Internet nowadays, to the point where there’s little room left for innovation and creativity. However, nonprofits are digitally panhandling for funds and, more often than not, donations exceed their expectations. No one expects such boats of generosity from complete strangers, but miracles do happen. Every hour of every day, projects across the spectrum of NGOs, arts, … [Read more...]

Easter Fundraising Ideas – Hunting for a Winner Fundraiser

In many ways, Easter is two holidays. The religious significance aside, this is the time for good old fun and some crackling Easter fundraising ideas both grown-ups and children will enjoy. If you’re aiming to put your cause over the radar, this is an eggstraordinary opportunity to do so. Before we let you in on some of our fundraising ideas for Easter, let’s look into the matter of logistics first. For one, don’t set the date for your fundraiser to … [Read more...]

The Fundraising Thermometer – Hot on the Trail of Your Campaign

A fundraiser is all about achieving a goal or fulfilling your mission. Usually, you start from nothing and work your way towards something. By setting a target you give volunteers and donors alike a tangible understanding of what they’re out to accomplish - the milestones and tasks of the everyday - and how they’re supposed to organize a strategy around it. One tool that’s been used for that purpose at least ever since its invention in the 1700s is the … [Read more...]

How to Organize a Color Run in 7 Easy Steps

Imagine raising money for a cause while you entertain your public. Also, picture having your name as the organizer of a fruitful and memorable event. In your area. This is the kind of event that both you and the public will be eager to repeat. Who would not want to raise money for a cause and use such an idea? This is the reason why we have compiled seven steps for you to quickly learn how to organize a color run. You know those pictures on the internet … [Read more...]

Unique Fundraiser Ideas to Make Your Nonprofit Stand Out

Think outside the box! And don’t make it a dreary business. These should be the first rules to employ for unique fundraiser ideas. You don’t want your volunteers or donors to find the fundraising just another copy-pasted idea with no soul and creativity. Otherwise, you will lose both your helping hands and your sponsors to other organizations that don’t mind spicing things up a little bit. However, mixing up fundraising strategies sounds brilliantly fun … [Read more...]