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Five Sports Fundraising Events

Five Sports Fundraising Events Whether it’s for your little league team or your adult soccer league, sports fundraising events can be an effective way to raise money but also boost your team mojo if they are done right. Sports fundraisers are a way to invite friends and family and get other people involved in your sports team too. If you’re looking for sports fundraising ideas, here are five good ones to get you started: Host a Coca-cola fundraiser. … [Read more...]

Four Political Campaign Fundraising Ideas

Four Political Campaign Fundraising Ideas Looking for a victory for a local politician or cause that you are trying to support? Think networking, engagement, and spreading the word as often and as far and wide as you can. Political fundraising goes beyond sharing information about your candidate, however. You have to strategize and continue to refine that strategy until you’ve got a process that you know will turn out the votes and raise awareness. Here … [Read more...]

Eight Fundraising Ideas For Small Clubs

Eight Fundraising Ideas For Small Clubs If you’re looking for small group fundraising ideas for something like a booster club or church group, it takes a little research and some creativity to come up with some unique fundraising ideas. From cookie sales to car washes, here are eight fundraising ideas for small clubs: Sell Christmas cards. Fundraising for a small children’s group? Why not have your kiddos design some Christmas cards to sell between … [Read more...]

Ideas For Raising Money For Cancer

Ideas For Raising Money For Cancer If you’ve ever had a loved one or friend that has become sick or passed from cancer, then you know how important it is to conduct fundraising efforts for cancer research and support. The hard work that many organizations do is critical for finding cures and providing cancer patients and their families with the kind of support and hope that they need. If you want to lend a hand with a cancer fundraiser, then here are some … [Read more...]

Five Mission Trip Fundraising Strategies

Five Mission Trip Fundraising Strategies If you’re trying to launch a mission trip through your place of worship, it can be difficult. In many instances, church budgets are very small, so your mission trip will hinge on whether or not you can host a successful mission trip fundraiser. From car washes to bake sales, there are dozens of mission trip fundraising ideas that may work for your group. Here are five mission trip fundraising strategies that will … [Read more...]

Learn How To Have The Best Video Marketing Strategies

Learn How To Have The Best Video Marketing Strategies In order to learn how to have the best video marketing, you have to have the right video marketing tools. In terms of content marketing, video marketing has become a huge industry. People have shorter attention spans and don’t want to read long sections of content so videos have become extremely popular in terms of nonprofit, corporate and private sector marketing. Whether you’re in charge of creating … [Read more...]

All About Hosting A Reverse Raffle

All About Hosting A Reverse Raffle Everyone knows how fundraising raffles work and they are an ever popular way of raising money for charitable organizations. But if you’re looking to shake things up a bit and venture beyond your typical fundraising raffle, a reverse raffle may be the way to go. How it works Essentially, a reverse raffle is exactly as it sounds. It’s exactly the reverse of the way a normal raffle works. The difference is that you draw … [Read more...]