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Five Fun Halloween Fundraisers

Five Fun Halloween Fundraisers Leveraging any holiday for fundraising events is always a great idea. You can generate excitement about your fundraiser with the momentum of the holiday and if you get really creative, you can raise big money with Halloween fundraisers. Halloween fundraising ideas aren’t hard to come up with if you start thinking outside of the box. To get you started, here are five fun Halloween fundraisers that are sure to scare up some … [Read more...]

Five Great Baseball Fundraising Ideas

Five Great Baseball Fundraising Ideas Looking for good little league fundraising ideas? If you’re in charge of your child’s baseball fundraiser, start looking for ideas that are low cost and easy for busy parents to manage during the hectic school year. Beyond cookie sales and car washes, there are some truly creative and fun fundraising ideas that will get your little players excited and keep your parents engaged. Here are five great baseball fundraising … [Read more...]

Free Sample Donation Request Letter

Free Sample Donation Request Letter If you’re looking for a good donation letter sample to use for your charity, there are no shortage of templates that you can find online. A good donation request letter needs to be clear, concise, and interesting while providing readers with a compelling reason to get involved in your fundraising efforts for your organization. Here is a sponsorship letter example that you can use to tailor to your … [Read more...]

How To Use Fundraising Websites

How To Use Fundraising Websites There are a lot of tricks of the trade to learn when working on creating a fundraising website for your charity. Fundraising sites are only worth something, for example, if you’re going to take some time to develop your message and try to engage audiences with it. Online fundraising websites can be a highly effective method of raising money and you really can’t afford not to do it in today’s connected world. Here are some … [Read more...]

Pointers For Writing A Donation Request Letter

Pointers For Writing A Donation Request Letter It you’re working on writing a fundraising letter, it’s important to do a little legwork before you begin the writing process. Understand who you are targeting with your letter and take some time to look online at our sample sponsorship letter for some inspiration to spark your creativity. Here are some helpful pointers for writing a donation request letter that will teach you how to write a sponsorship … [Read more...]

Top Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Top Fundraising Ideas For Schools There are a number of ways to come up with creative school fundraising ideas. Whether you and your group of volunteers are looking for student council ideas or just unique fundraising ideas for your booster club, sports team, or fine arts group, there are a number of school fundraisers that are low-maintenance and low cost. Here are some of our top fundraising ideas for schools: • Host a 50/50 Raffle. This is a great … [Read more...]

Ten Fantastic Fundraisers For Booster Clubs

Ten Fantastic Fundraisers For Booster Clubs If you’re looking for some good booster club fundraising ideas, look no further than some great ideas below that actual booster clubs have used in the past. There are a number of ways to make your booster club fundraiser a real hit, but most critically, you need to make it fun and engaging. Here are ten fantastic fundraisers for booster clubs: 1. Advertise in programs. Advertising that your fundraiser, event, … [Read more...]

Five Fun Charity Auction Ideas

Five Fun Charity Auction Ideas If you think you know all there is to know about hosting a charity auction, think again. If you get a little bit more creative, you can expand your horizons beyond your typical charity silent auction. Fundraising auctions can be a great way to generate excitement about what you are trying to do for non-profit and you can raise awareness by making a splash with your auction. Here are five unique and fun charity auction … [Read more...]