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Fundraising Strategies that Work

Fundraising Strategies that Work Coming up with a reliable and successful fundraising strategy can be challenging. Not all strategies offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution, so you will often need to find out what works on a trial by trial basis. But there are many tactics that you can use to make sure that you have a successful fundraising plan. Here are some fundraising strategies that work: 1. Reuse and recycle. Not in a negative sense, but in a … [Read more...]

Five Unique New Ways To Fundraise

Five Unique New Ways To Fundraise Are you working on a fundraiser but you feel like the well is running dry when it comes to creative fundraising ideas? You’re not alone, and although there are countless ways to captivate and capture the attention of new donors, you need to come up with an idea that works for you and your organization. Here are five unique new ways to fundraise: 1. Use the power of texting to raise money. Many big name charity … [Read more...]

Four Fundraising Ideas for Big Groups

Four Fundraising Ideas for Big Groups If you’re in charge of launching a fundraiser campaign for a big group like a major non-profit organization or a corporate charity group, you need to tailor your event to the size and scope of your organization. The traditional yard sale or bake sale just isn’t going to cut it to raise sizable funds. To help you start to find the right fundraiser for your charity, here are four fundraising ideas for big groups: 1. … [Read more...]

Five Reasons to Fundraise with Candles

Five Reasons to Fundraise with Candles There are several good reasons to consider hosting a candle fundraiser, and many companies that offer high quality products to help you launch your charity fundraising effort. Big name candle manufacturers like Yankee Candles and other home décor websites work with buyers to create fundraisers that are easy to manage and can make your charity money. Here are five good reasons to fundraise with candles: 1. It’s … [Read more...]

Five Fun Student Council Ideas

Five Fun Student Council Ideas If you’re in charge of your student council fundraiser and need some creative ideas, there are countless fun and inspiring ideas online and a good brainstorming session with your classmates can get the creative juices flowing. Here are five fun student council ideas to help you raise money for your school: 1. Have a ‘pay to wear’ day. In the days of school uniforms, it can be fun to be able to formal wear, hats, or even … [Read more...]

Three Reasons To Host A Pizza Hut Fundraiser

Three Reasons To Host A Pizza Hut Fundraiser When it comes to pizza fundraising options, the choices are many. There are of course a number of pizza restaurants that may participate in your fundraising efforts, and they may participate in a variety of ways. Donated gift cards, pizza parties, and offering pizza at discounted rates for charities like school organizations are all popular charity pizza event options. Pizza Hut’s national brand recognition and … [Read more...]

Tips for Non-Profit Fundraising

Tips for Non-Profit Fundraising As a fundraising expert, sometimes the well runs dry when it comes to fundraising ideas. Usually, if you’re heading up a fundraiser for a major non-profit, school, or church, you have to go back to the drawing board, back to the basics and start over. When it comes to fundraising, having a process that you can repeat over and over (using some different creative event ideas) can be helpful. Here are some helpful tips for … [Read more...]

How To Fundraise If You’re New to Fundraising

How To Fundraise If You’re New to Fundraising Getting involved in the fundraising efforts of a charity or non-profit can be a tricky and confusing business. Your goal is to make money without of course overspending, which is always a challenge, and you also need to raise awareness of your organization to boot. When it comes to launching a fundraising campaign, do your due diligence and start with a simple fundraising goal. Here are some pointers to teach … [Read more...]