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Five Fun Fundraising Ideas For Work

Five Fun Fundraising Ideas For Work Sometimes it’s hard to get the office staff motivated to get into fundraising mode. People are busy, overworked and stressed out and the last thing they want to do is worry about a fundraiser. When trying to launch a work fundraiser, try to keep the creative ideas flowing and create something that people can get excited about---and something that can break up a monotonous work week. Here are five fun fundraising ideas … [Read more...]

Raise Money With A Food Fundraiser

Raise Money With A Food Fundraiser Hosting a food fundraiser for your charity can be a lucrative idea. There are countless food chains out there that offer a variety of food fundraising programs from pizza places to fast food restaurants and doughnut shops. The key is to find a restaurant that will match the mission and goals of your organization and cater to the same type of audience that you are trying to access. Here are five companies that you can … [Read more...]

Four Tips for Writing a Mission Trip Fundraising Letter

Four Tips for Writing a Mission Trip Fundraising Letter Writing a mission trip fundraising letter can be a challenging task because you want it to sound very personal, but you probably need to send it to as many people as you can in order to raise as much money as you can for your mission. When writing a fundraising letter like this, keep in mind who you will be sending it to and try to create a compelling call to action. Here are four tips for writing a … [Read more...]

Three Reasons To Consider Direct Action Fundraising

Three Reasons To Consider Direct Action Fundraising Fundraising can be a dizzying mix of goals, tasks, strategy, and outcomes. Raising money for a charity can be an overwhelming task fraught with challenges and obstacles and sometimes if you have too many events planned or you spread your resources too thin, you can confuse your donors and your volunteers. Direct action fundraising ties a specific action to your fundraising goals and can be a very … [Read more...]

Five Keys to Developing an Effective Fundraising Strategy

Five Keys to Developing an Effective Fundraising Strategy When you’re launching a fundraising campaign, it’s important for you to have your plan of action locked down before you begin. There are several ways to create a strategy that works, but the most effective use of your time is to sit down and do some good old fashioned planning, scheduling and mapping. Here are five keys to developing an effective fundraising strategy: 1. Fine tune your budget. … [Read more...]

Five Popular Cookie Fundraiser Events

Five Popular Cookie Fundraiser Events Cookie fundraisers offer small groups like churches, schools and sports teams a great way to make money for their charity. There are many companies online that offer cookie products and similar add-ons (like coffee sales) that you can work with to create an entire fundraising event. It’s generally a low-cost and pretty low-maintenance way of raising money for your organization. Here are five popular cookie … [Read more...]

Five Unique High School Fundraising Ideas

Five Unique High School Fundraising Ideas High school students are a unique breed of student. If you’re helping them launch a fundraiser or if you’re trying to get them motivated to participate, you have to come up with ideas that are considered ‘cool’ but also still effective. The point is to raise money, but you can easily help raise awareness of your cause if you make it something interesting and fun for high school aged kids. Here are five unique high … [Read more...]

Five Steps For Launching An Online Fundraiser

Five Steps For Launching An Online Fundraiser It’s almost impossible to head up a fundraiser nowadays if you don’t plan to take your campaign online. You can’t ignore the power of the internet, and you can certainly use the internet to your advantage. Also, there are many free tools online that are at your disposal, and they can have a significant impact on your fundraising efforts if you use them properly. Here are five steps for launching an online … [Read more...]

Five Store Fundraising Ideas

Five Store Fundraising Ideas Are you a retail store that’s looking to get involved with a charity partner? There are many ways to give back to a non-profit if you are a retail store, and charities always appreciate the extra fundraising help and support. Whether you simply want to get your employees to volunteer their time or you want to donate cash directly, here are five store fundraising ideas: 1. Sponsor a volunteer day. People are powerful, so … [Read more...]