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Example Fundraising Letter To Church Members

Example Fundraising Letter to Church Members Requesting funds for a church fundraiser via a letter is a great idea. If your church has some kind of church newsletter or bulletin, it’s always a great idea to promote your fundraiser letter there. Also, you can pass out fundraiser letters after church services of send them via snail mail or email to the members of your congregation. Here is an example fundraising letter to church … [Read more...]

Things To Avoid When Requesting Donations For A Cause

Things To Avoid When Requesting Donations For A Cause Asking for money—even for a worthy charity—can be a tough task. It may make you nervous, but if you practice and arm yourself with appropriate information, then you will be successful at requesting donations. Here are some things to avoid when requesting donations for a cause: 1. Sending and impersonal fundraising letter. Generally speaking, mass fundraising letter mailings that are impersonal are … [Read more...]

Three Great Pizza Fundraisers

Three Great Pizza Fundraisers Pizza fundraisers can be a really fun and effective fundraising idea. There are many ways that you can raise money through pizza sales. If you’re in charge of finding school fundraising ideas, work with local pizza businesses to try to work out a partnership. They will enjoy the free advertising and you can make a profit for your school organization. Here are three great pizza fundraisers: 1. Sell pizza by the slice. Say … [Read more...]

Four Great Medical Fundraising Ideas

Four Great Medical Fundraising Ideas Providing support via friends and family for someone who has a worthy medical cause can offer both moral and financial support to someone who is struggling with a major health issue. There are a number of fundraising ideas that you can use to solicit donations for a health issue, and getting the word out to potential donors using email and social media is extremely beneficial. Here are four great medical fundraising … [Read more...]

Free Sponsor Sample Letter To Request Support

Free Sponsor Sample Letter To Request Support Requesting financial support in a fundraising letter can be a little challenging, but there are hundreds of helpful fundraising letters samples that you can use as a guideline to create your own letter that will meet the needs of your charity. Here is a free sponsor sample letter to request support that you can use as a template or starting point: Name Date Charity Name Charity Website Email … [Read more...]

Four Tips for Selling Plastic Fundraising Cards

Four Tips for Selling Plastic Fundraising Cards Sometimes, coming up with low-cost and low-maintenance fundraising ideas can be a challenge. Plastic fundraising cards can be a great idea for your charity or school organization. Fundraising cards don’t spoil or go bad, it’s a great way to get local businesses involved, and it offers potential buyers some great discounts and benefits. Here are some tips for selling plastic fundraising cards: 1. Set Your … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Hosting a Candy Bar Fundraiser

Five Tips for Hosting a Candy Bar Fundraiser Rather than selecting a more event-centered school fundraiser, why not try something a little more flexible and fun like a candy bar fundraiser? There are a variety of businesses that help charities organize and host this type of fundraiser. It can be a great way to make extra money for your school organization and it’s something that kids are eager to be a part of. With a little bit of online research, you … [Read more...]

Tips For Requesting Donations For A Cause

Tips For Requesting Donations For A Cause People are oftentimes short on money and time which is why donating to a charity is not always a high priority for some people. When soliciting sponsors for your charity, it’s important to give them a good reason (or a few good reasons) to donate to your cause. Also, if you can understand the reasons why people sometimes give, then you might find the keys to successful fundraising. Here are some tips for … [Read more...]

Fun Popcorn Fundraising Ideas

Fun Popcorn Fundraising Ideas Popcorn fundraising can be one of the funnest fundraising ideas and can be a fun way to generate some cash flow for your organization. There are some good reasons to decide to host a popcorn fundraiser. It can be an inexpensive and low-maintenance type of fundraiser and there are plenty of popcorn manufacturing companies to choose from. Lots of companies allow you to pre-order your products, so they arrive quickly and you can … [Read more...]