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How to Write a School Fundraiser Letter

How to Write a School Fundraiser Letter  So, you’ve been put in charge of your son’s band fundraiser or your daughter’s school dance team fundraising organization but you don’t know where to start. Writing a fundraising letter is one of the most traditional, and oftentimes most effective, ways to raise money for school organizations. By following some basic guidelines and learning a bit about persuasive writing, you can write a compelling school … [Read more...]

How to Write a Silent Auction Request Letter

How to Write a Silent Auction Request Letter  A silent auction is a great way to raise money for your charity or non-profit organization. In a silent auction, there is no auctioneer and items are selected---usually as part of a donation-- to be auctioned off.  Guests of the auction place bids on pieces of paper until the highest bidder wins. It can be a really fun way to raise money while giving people a chance to bid on something valuable. Silent … [Read more...]

Three Best Medical Fundraising Ideas

Three Best Medical Fundraising Ideas    Watching a friend or loved one face the challenge of dealing with a serious medical condition can be a heart breaking experience, but you don’t have to feel hopeless. Helping your friend or loved one pay for their medical expenses through a medical fundraiser can offer both you and your loved one comfort and a sense of control during a difficult time. Medical fundraising can be a challenge, but with a little … [Read more...]

How to Write a Mission Trip Donation Letter

How to Write a Mission Trip Donation Letter  Each year, hundreds of people embark on mission trips to places in need around the world. There is no shortage of worthwhile causes across the globe that need assistance from missionaries who are willing and able to lend a hand, but funding is always a challenge and mission trips can be a very costly enterprise. It’s important for potential mission trip goers to enlist the help of family, friends, and members … [Read more...]